HTC Thunderbolt Release: More Fuel To The Fire

The release date fiasco with the HTC Thunderbolt continues to roll on and gets a little more fuel added to the fire today with yet another possible release date being added to the confusion, and like all the rest should of course be taken with that large pinch of salt.

So here’s the latest hitting the net on the presumed release date for the Android 2.2 Froyo packing, 4G enabled HTC Thunderbolt according to an article over on Android Community.

Apparently some guy known as JR has spoken to a friend of the family that works at corporate at Verizon, yep it’s a kind of he said she said kind of rumour here.

Anyway apparently this Verizon rep told JR that Verizon employees often “drop” false dates for such mobile phone news reporting sites and those at the Big Red have a good laugh whenever a new rumour hits the net.

Apparently the rep also stated that the HTC Thunderbolt release isn’t delayed as there has never been a release date announced, although there have been some “technical issues” with the Android handset.

Now onto the main event, apparently the unnamed rep told JR to take a look at “the pattern of device releases” which may give a clue as to when the HTC Thunderbolt is likely to see release.

So here’s that pattern of device release for Verizon according to the Android Community guys…the Verizon iPhone was released on the 10th of February – the Motorola Xoom on the 24th of February – the Apple iPad 2 on the 11th (“typo,one day difference”) – thus apparently we can expect the HTC Thunderbolt to see release on the 24th of March.

Thin I know but it could be possible, but then again as this is a he said, she said kind of hearsay, unless Verizon comes right out and announces the release date all remains speculation; nice to know that Verizon may be having a laugh at the customers expense though.

Feel free to vent your opinions of the ever-moving release date for the HTC Thunderbolt to our comments area below.


7 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release: More Fuel To The Fire”

  1. JaceK says:

    Verizon can shove it. They seem to get their kicks by keeping the consumer confused. Enough is enough. Either the Iphone 5, or a better device later in the year, or a better device on another carrier. Besides this device is a monster size, though I know quite a few people like that. Also, there are rumored battery problems and 4G is not even in that many locations yet. Plus, they will eventually likely charge more for 4G devices.

  2. trevor says:

    it makes me laugh reading all of these people blaming VZW. correct me if i am wrong, but VZW hasnt made any release date announcements on the Thunderbolt. its just been speculation and misleading tips that have created and fueled this fire. everyone needs to just calm down, after all……..its JUST a cellphone.

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