Motorola Atrix 4G Experiencing Reboot Problems

It appears that the latest Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone out of the Motorola camp is experiencing some issue with random reboots along with other bugs on the Motorola Atrix 4G, although it is unclear whether the random rebooting problem is hardware or software.

According to an article over on Pocket Now, numerous early adopters of the Motorola Atrix 4G have been reporting the issue on various websites including XDA-developers, Motorola Support Forums and the Atrix 4G Forum.

Apparently one user reported experienced the device restarting every then minutes, and apparently some users have already returned their Motorola Atrix 4G four times and still suffering from the problem, although some users aren’t seeing any issues whatsoever.

Some are claiming that apps are the cause; while others say it may be battery related or heating issues, so basically no one is completely sure why certain Android Atrix 4G handsets are suffering from random reboots.

So do you own a Motorola Atirx 4G? If so have you experienced any issues with the device rebooting or any other problems? Feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.


79 thoughts on “Motorola Atrix 4G Experiencing Reboot Problems”

  1. Greg R says:

    I have had the Motorola Atrix for 2 weeks now and I have not experienced this issue. My phone has been running flawlessly. I will say that I have not downloaded any additional apps since I have had the phone. So every app I have is a stock app that came with the phone. As I look back at all the apps I loaded up my original Droid with, I rarely used any on a regular basis except for INTRIX TRAFFIC. So I made the decision to see how long I could wait before downloading apps that I will never use. I think the apps is what made my DROID so laggy, slow, and all the foreclosed apps. It's a well improved phone over the DROID. I will not purchase the laptop dock or any of the other accessories. I really don't need them.

  2. JUSTIN says:

    I have had my Atrix for one week and i've had to reeboot once for no aparent reason. I just picked it up to make a call, and it was completely dead. I had to pull the battery to get it to work. The bigger issue is the speeds on this phone are nowhere near what they should be! I can't even come close to 3g speeds! My wifes iphone is 3 times faster than my atrix……. really. Its a huge issue and atrix owners are trying to get it addressed, yet at&t and motorola are saying NOTHING! I feel so ripped off.

  3. Gray says:

    Yes, I was experiencing reboot problems early on and started going through gaming and other 3rd party apps that were not necessary…while I cannot pinpoint which app(s) were causing the problem (I removed about 35 different apps) the reboot issue has stopped. So it appears it was app related and not a problem with the hardware. It may be an issue with the interface of the app, Android and Moto Blur…not sure.

  4. I call BS. The person who posted on that Forum may have the Name of Steve Jobs. Leave it up to some Pro Apple Clients to spread BS news. This phone is GREAT everything you'd want a Jailbroken iPhone 4 to be.

  5. I've had an Atrix for around three weeks. Overall it has been great but I have seen a few issues…1. It only rebooted once but there is a teeny tiny chance that just maybe the button was accidentally being pushed. Most likely it was a bug but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.2. My REAL issue has been with wifi connetivity. Fairly frequently I will lose my connection for a.few.seconds. Just enough to have to ferry the page. This seems to happen more often in the marketplace. Some days it happens every 5 attempts or so which is pretty frustrating. Just before the disconnect ill see the H+ arrow light up real quick. So it seems that quick "4g" activity interferes with the current wifi activity. It seems to be software related and im praying that an update will fix it some day. Maybe icecream???3. Another minor issue is with the fingerprint reader. First of all, that thing works great most of the time. And it impresses the he'll.out of just about everyone that sees it (except the wife of course). But it stopped working 3 times. Once I rebooted to fix it, bit later realized you only need to lock it, wait a second, then try again. Really not a big deal.There you have it! The phone is sic as hell but would be unstoppable if it weren't for my connectivity issues.

  6. gerald munoz says:

    I bought my motorola atrix "4g" march 7. And I just wanna know is it just my phone or does the battery life on this phone just completely suck? I feel like im charging it more than using it. I think the dual core processor just uses a lot of juice could be wrong.

  7. max says:

    I bought my android phone and after 2 days start to reboot randomly
    its not only Motorola problem

    im surfing the net to find a good smartphone, all models i searched for have issues of the same problems like the volume , in call volume, Stuck in airplane mode and cant turn off or change, and the random reboot!!!!! *not all users

    is it the android ???

  8. Dave says:

    I Have had my Atrix since the release. I used the HD camcorder during a recent trip and noticed that when I moved too quickly while recording the thing would freeze up. It then started to "screen freeze" causing me to have to reboot it at least once a day. I have given up and am using the 30 period to return the phone it is so annoying to me. Too bad the phone will be a great phone once the bugs are worked out of it and AT&T really has 4G speed as advertised.

  9. andrey says:

    I have unlocked Atrix 4G on Russian Megafon network, it worked just fine for couple days. But this morning it started to reboot after any call comes in, and I cannot even answer the call. Tried to remove couple apps but it does not help. Very disappointing, does anyone have the same problem, maybe some solutions?

  10. SMM says:

    I got my Atrix pre-ordered from AT&T site and initially it all looked good. But started to have rebooting issues every now and then (viewing pics, browser search, hitting the back button etc) and currently trying to get an exchange from their site. The funny thing is my colleague also has the same device and its squeaky clean. Just bad luck huh?

  11. Dual Core worth it? says:

    It seems if I let my battery drain, I cannot restart without a battery pull. Also happens randomly when battery has charge, will get tactile feedback and the green status light, but the screen stays dark. Requires battery pull. Which is REALLY flippin obnoxious since it's in an Otterbox Defender!!! Happens every 1-2 days.
    Also: battery life SUCKS.
    Also: no one can hear me. Experiencing all the lovely muffled voice quality issues they're looking into finally.

    Love the phone, but underwhelmed. Voice quality and staying on are pretty the main two things that need to happen…

  12. rebootingitaly says:

    I just received mine last week. I have the unlocked AT&T US version. I'm using it on the TIM Italia network. Worked great until 3 days ago when it downloaded and installed a system update, since then I cannot make calls, the phone dials and then reboots or the dialer gets hung on a ghost call. there is no way to exit the dialer or dial another number until after a hard reboot.
    So far I've seemed to narrow it down to be a problem with the modem switching to GSM to make a call. I don't know if it's because an app is trying to access the web through HDCDMA as the dialer is trying to dial through GSM. or if the modem simply crashes requiring a reboot.
    i can still receive calls which is what is throwing me off.
    Motorola told me the best be would be to send my phone to them to have their techs work on it since no carrier in italy has any experience on the ATRIX. but i really can't afford to be without a phone for 2 or more months as it goes through the mail. a phone that can receive calls is better than none at all.

  13. Atrix addict says:

    i have unlocked my ATRIX AT&T last week. I am using Orange network. I have same problem. I cannot make a call. AFter dial and press the call, it freeze and reboot automaticaly afeter few seconds. What to do to fix this problem? HELP!!!!
    For everything else, Motorola ATRIX is perfect.

  14. i anm unableto download apps it constantly says download paused. the apps worked fine until i set up my motoblur account so that must be the problem. i am getting a replacement but the constant problems have caused me to go off this phone completely

  15. Scott Southwick says:

    Have had the phone 1 week and after connecting the wifi at work it started rebooting randomly. Since then it seems to only reboot sometimes after 10 minutes when I am playing my own music.

  16. Scott Southwick says:

    Have had the phone 1 week and after connecting the wifi at work it started rebooting randomly. Since then it seems to only reboot sometimes after 10 minutes when I am playing my own music.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I to have had it only a few days , already have been sent another that has the same problem.
    Mine will not start back after the screen shuts off , it will not respond to the power switch , the only way to start it back is to remove the batt. & put back.
    motorola told me to send it back & they would look at it , also said they knew of no such problems.
    To bad , from what I see it is a great phone ,,,, when it works. But I can not deal with this.

  18. Hi! I have a Motorola Atrix 4G and since I updated to the new Gingerbread Version—my phone randomly shuts off. Also, I am having issues with data. My data will not work in certain areas of town where it used to work. I am getting a replacement–but doubt that the phone is the problem on the data end.

  19. Dianne Shiffer says:

    Here is my list of issues with my Motorola Atrix. I have had to go to a different music and photo program since the gingerbread update. In my gallery where I used to have different folders for different subjects, now my 1,000 pictures are all in one folders. The music program used to be able to find a song or artist alphabetically but now just random. It also randomly resets, the internet is really slow unless hooked up to WiFi, it randomly deletes apps from my home screen, freezes up a lot, battery just now started to only charge to 90% and it deletes ringtones I have for people or plays a different one then what I have assigned. Except for the issues I do like the phone.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi, got my Atrix about a week ago and have the random reboot problem as well. Most times it occurs after stopping using it intensively. Might be a heat problem as when hot it will not even reboot from the on/off button. I’ll then need to take out the battery and after it will work again. As I have not installed any other apps than on my Nexus One, I do not believe very much that it is SW related (only if it is an interaction with the crappy Motoblur). If it is HW it might be overheating or a ‘cold solder point’ that causes problems with heat related expansion.

    Anyhow the build quality (I love the dock ‘eco-system’…which was the reason to buy) is bad compared to e.g. HTC…especially the back cover and the on/off button are of extremely poor quality for such an expensive phone…may be the new owner will have a look on that????

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi, got my Atrix about a week ago and have the random reboot problem as well. Most times it occurs after stopping using it intensively. Might be a heat problem as when hot it will not even reboot from the on/off button. I’ll then need to take out the battery and after it will work again. As I have not installed any other apps than on my Nexus One, I do not believe very much that it is SW related (only if it is an interaction with the crappy Motoblur). If it is HW it might be overheating or a ‘cold solder point’ that causes problems with heat related expansion.

    Anyhow the build quality (I love the dock ‘eco-system’…which was the reason to buy) is bad compared to e.g. HTC…especially the back cover and the on/off button are of extremely poor quality for such an expensive phone…may be the new owner will have a look on that????

  22. Great Furby says:

    My Atrix appears to crash when not it use. It has done so three times since I got it a week ago. You unlock the phone, but no response. Solution is to pull the battery out, and restart. This is making my iPhone 4’s antenna-gate look pedestrian, if the phone has crashed without my knowledge I won’t even receive a call for it drop (or not as the case maybe)!

    Other gripes, Music and Outlook syncing, critical to me, after all this time, are still a mess on Android, been through, so many methods, Tunesync, Double Twist, use Songbird etc. some don’t work, and nothing that works will update my iTunes play count. Fortunately my wife doesn’t micro manage her small music collection, and doesn’t use Outlook, so I can give it her, but this crashing silently problem is unacceptable.

    It’s quicker than my iPhone 4, the screen is as sharp and larger, and I was hoping to ‘upgrade’ to this and save myself buying an iPhone 5 (if it has a bigger screen). Looks like I’m stuck with Apple, my iPhone 4 hasn’t crashed or reset since I bought it in December 2010! Hate having to jailbreak it though, always a pain.

    The Atrix is on version 2.2.2, apparently up to date, firmware. Now do I waste an hour having an argument with Orange about this, or wait for the gingerbread update? Apparently you can use Alien ROM to get the update now… oh and I thought I’d seen the back of jail-breaking antics with Android…

  23. Guest says:

    I bought a LG Optimus Speed 2x. It had the same problems. In the first 2 days i got it it restarted at least 15 times or hang up completely. Since it is  also  
     with the Nvidia Tegra it seems to be a driver or even a hardware problem. The LG was unusable – i gave it back. LG also is still running 2.2 and they promised gingerbread since spring. One reason more to return the phone. Was looking for some other dualcore android phone. Since i read this i wont buy the atrix too. Sounds nearly the same – bad upgrade availibility and some random reboots or hang ups without a solution – maybe by some custom roms. But thats too bad – you buy a highend phone and its unusable – you first have to invest some time to get it running by flashing a custom rom. 

  24. Lazy_S says:

    sometimes it will ring & sometimes not. If I squeeze the phone front to back the ring tone is audible. Then you let go & it goes silent. Seems to be some problem with the speaker.Almost like a short.Applying pressure to the back with my finger seems to work sometimes also.

  25. Clivuss says:

    Received my new Atrix today.  Took it out of box and set it up less than an hour ago.  Unbelievably, when it goes into screen-save mode, it won’t wake up and the only way to bring it back to life is to remove & reseat the battery…..Got the green LED but it seems to me that the power button / fingerprint scanner doesn’t register when the button’s depressed to bring the phone out of its slumber…..It’s going back to the store!!!

  26. Clivuss says:

    Oh, by the way, the battery was fully charged before I set it up – So it’s not a case of the problem being caused by a discharged battery.  Everything seems to work fine until the screensaver kicks in – from then on, it’s in dodo land!

  27. Jade_duplantis says:

    Ive been through 3 ATRIX’s in 2 weeks freezing up and turning off getting hot and every app I have to force stop 2 or 3 times before they work

  28. Paul Richardson says:

    I’ve had 2 different Atrix 4G phones get stuck in the reboot loop now. 
    The first two times, I did a factory reset to fix it.  Then I switched
    phones, to a new Atrix 4G.  Same problem.  Now I have done several hard
    resets (erases EVERYTHING and goes back to factory condition) on TWO
    DIFFERENT Atrix 4G phones, and each time, I’ve done all kinds of
    troubleshooting including attempts to isolate the cause to a single
    apk.  No luck.  the ONLY fix that I’ve found thus far, is a Factory
    Reset, which is a total pain in the neck if you haven’t broken the
    warrantee and rooted the phone, because each and every app must be
    reinstalled and reconfigured (if you have over 200 apps, that’s about 4
    or 5 hours of your life down the tube, and truly a tortuous
    experience).  How on earth did this get past a quality review by


    AT&T   Best Buy

    System version 55.11.16.MB865.ATT.en.US
    Model Number: MB8656
    Android Version: 2.3.5
    Baseband version:
    2011-09-21 09:42 Off.Bld
    Webtop version WT-1.3.0-133_EDI-8
    Kernel version
    hkdp76@ca25rhe91 #1
    Build number: 5.5.1-175_EDFFW1-16

  29. Emma2emma36 says:

    Had lots of problems particularly when using the keypad it disappears mistexts things etc had to restore it 3 times so far I have had it 3 months rather annoying as I then lose all my apps and other information.

  30. Bermac says:

    On the otherwise good phone ( 4 months of ownership).. the phone is now randomly rebooting and worse yet… just shutting down. the reboot I can live with.. but when it shuts down I have no idea people are trying to call or text me unless I pick up the phone. … I don’t have a home phone which can be annoying. I had read of such problems on reviews, but now that I am plagued by the problem its unsettling

  31. Bermac says:

    On the otherwise good phone ( 4 months of ownership).. the phone is now randomly rebooting and worse yet… just shutting down. the reboot I can live with.. but when it shuts down I have no idea people are trying to call or text me unless I pick up the phone. … I don’t have a home phone which can be annoying. I had read of such problems on reviews, but now that I am plagued by the problem its unsettling

  32. Dennis says:

    I bought my Atrix in early March of 2011. It has been a great phone, but lately I am having app issues and restarting. I have also noticed the finger sensor is getting really hot as of late. I am going to research these issues more and contact AT&T and Motorola.

  33. Babyantsdad says:

    phone rebooted every day or two then it got worse. Now continuing to reboot back to back, restored back to factory and was better for a while, but now maybe 5-10 times per dayThe phone should be recalled but soon the owner will be screwed after MFG warrantry is over,ATT blames owner for corrupting the phone and not doing maintanance. Gee my friends have other phones and they never rebot.

  34. eva says:

    having the same issue with the Atrix, using since last Aug, rebooting like twice everyday, almost every case when i remove it from the USB cable…i hate this phone! As this is a corporate phone, maybe they will replace it…maybe..

  35. Rinnieray says:

    I have the same problem with mine rebooting from time to time and the only way to turn it back on is to remove the battery and replace it them turn it back on!! Its annoying!!!!

  36. Tiggerboo62 says:

    I have only had my phone for a few days, but my battery goes down super fast. I am getting really frustrated having to charge 2 or 3 times a day. I don’t know what to do.

  37. Ffejepans says:

    yeah ive had my atrix 4g for about 6 months no issues what so ever happy as a clam with the phone then get this update from AT&T middle of the week and now all it wants to do is restart wont even stay on long enough to try factory reset

  38. Mmeadors23 says:

    My first Atrix 4G randomly rebooted and then eventually got in a reboot cycle that wouldn’t end.  I got a new one.  Now I get error messages when I try to open apps.  This morning, it froze up and now won’t boot up at all!  So sorry I got this phone!

  39. Ss0427 says:

    I have a motorolla atrix and its been problems since the start it over heats it freezes it bugs up the screen keeps changing now my home screen is experincing color problem there are white lines all over it very weird and my finger scanner never worked anyway this phone sucks and i dont incurage anyone to buy it……. and i still have 2 more years on my contract wow.

  40. Msolomon389 says:

    My 1st Atrix 4G would freeze, then reboot itself. It was a mess. They replaced it, and the 2nd one also did this. A hard reset solved the problem. Now my wife’s Atrix 4G has the same problem, and the reset does not work. She just switched to i phone. Luckily, mine still works.

  41. Nick says:

    My Atrix is a piece of crap, it crashes all the time. When ever streaming video it takes about 2 min then it overheats, crashes and sometimes even switches off. Does my nut in, only got another year to wait to get a new phone think I will go for a samsung smartphone.

  42. Dmsncc says:

    Just came back from At&t store for the second time with the same problem. Phone reboots at random times, shuts down, cant power up….  First time service says its a software problem. replaced with another phone.  Same thing with new one.Constantly rebooting all by itself. Bring it back to service and now they tell me its because of bad battery.. What a load of crap. Going back again for a third time.  Hate this phone, miss my blackberry!!!

    1. T BART says:

      Sounds like we are all getting the same run around from AT&T and I dislike being made a fool of …  Then try to hold us hostage to a contract but at the same time they are sell us crap which they know has problems under that contract and AT&T pretends Atrix 4G has no problems.   This is an injustice…….. 

  43. RJ says:

    I have had problems shortly after getting the phone from AT&T with a 2 yr. agreement contract. First started with there big software upgrade. Couldn’t get any updates afterwards nor access the market store. Call after call with AT&T and with Motoralla. Months later problem resolved. Next is the photo gallery going into “blips” when opened up. Have to power off and on the phone. Called AT&T and Motorolla again. They were not able to fix the issue. I finally uninstalled Facebook app and a few others seems to have fixed it…so far. Latest problem is the phone is turning off and on by itself. Try to unlock the phone and I get a “google error, force close stop”. Follow the instructions and the phone goes back to the power off and on. Took battery out, left phone off for extended time….still same issues. AT&T today said they will be sending another phone out. Anticipating same problems. Sounds like lots of Attrix 4G users having same issues. Reading the posts on AT&T forums. Piece of crap phone. Called AT&T store to advize them that maybe they should start reading the forums and quit pushing lemons onto customers.

  44. T Bartolomeo says:

    I owned a Atrix 4G for only three months and could not understand why the phone would randomly shut on and off.  When the phone would reboot itself it would be on the internet for some reason or other and I would get charged overage on data usage.  I returned the phone to AT&T for tech support and was told it could be the battery which did not make sense to me because the battery always held a charge.  The AT&T Tech support changed the battery and informed I should not have a problem with the phone rebooting all day and all night.  I was instructed to sit at the tech shop for about 1/2 hour to see how the phone would react.  After the 1/2 hour i was driving down the road when the phone began to randomly reboot its self.  AT&T warrenty department gave me another Atrix 4G replacement phone which did the same randomly reboot all day/all night.  I called AT&T to ask them to supply me with any other phone other than Atrix 4G and was told by AT&T they could not do that and I would have to purchase $$ another phone.    So, for three months I’ve paid for a phone which I could not use plue over data usage charges.   AT& T is no longer my carrier and its now a legal matter. 

    1. Coelhoalessandra says:

      ughhhh…I am having the same issue. They are shipping my second device. And I was told the same thing. If I want to replace the device I would have to pay. Funny, that a device don’t last 6 months and you pay 90 bucks a month to have headacheds from AT&T instead of quality service. So disappointed! If the next device do not solve my problem, this will also become a legal matter on my situation.

  45. Ahdonnelly says:

    I have and atrix that reboots on an irregular basis. Sometimes once or twice a day, and some times as often as ten times a day. I am intrested in the theory that over heating may be the problem. I have an “Otter” cover on the phone and I have noticed that when I am using the GPS function, I have to remove the cover to avoid over heating. It would be interisting to determine if other people are using this kind of cover and experiencing this problem.

  46. Ahdonnelly says:

    I may have something here! Just got off the phone with Motrola repair. They gave me the following procedure which has worked for two hours now:

    1 – Turn off phone.
    2 – Remove battery.
    3 – Press and hold the volume up button (top right) and the power button simultaniously and hold for 15 seconds.
    4 – Replace battery and turn phone on.
    This will reset the software and hardware to factory settings. It is not the same as doing a data reset. 

    Good Luck

    1. KP says:

      You can do this with no power to the phone?  I just tried this and it did not appear to reset everything.  It still took my pin/fingerprint to activate, and my home screen has the one change I made to it, Yahoo mail

  47. Diane says:

    On my 3rd Atrix, second battery and second SD card and it still shuts down at will. Now support wants me to go to the store where I bought it to replace the SIM card. I have reset it back to factory settings each and every phone. This last phone has had no apps downloaded as to see where problems lies.  Not sure where else to go now????

    1. Diane says:

      Well they have sent me another phone and it also powered off on it’s own last night. No cover on mine and no apps downloaded again. Guess I will be back on the phone with At&T for another hour today.. ALAS!

  48. AvyGuy says:

    Purchased Atrix in Aug., 2011. Worked great until last Friday. Then the reboot issues start similar those described below. Curiously, my wife’s Motorola also started rebooting on Friday. Her service is with Verizon. They contacted her on Sunday and said there was a problem with the most recent software update. They did a full backup of her device, updated software, and then reinstalled all apps. No more reboot issues. I contacted AT&T this morning. No admission of systemic problems. They had me erase all data. Now all apps are gone, and phone still reboots. After long holds and waits for supervisors, they are going to send me another device. Will see what happens…

  49. Diane says:

    Well well, the new power cord did not work. Back on phone with AT&T and inisted on a supervisor. She in turn transferred me to Motorola and they refused any help except for me to take my phone in for repairs. I explained every phone I have gotten from repairs doesn’t work and I need this phone because my resume has this number. Still no help at all. I hung up. FRUSTRATED !

  50. Al says:

    I’ve had my phone for about 6 months and everything was fine until the last Motorola software upgrade.  I am not getting the random reboots.  2 weeks ago, when I cam out to my car, the phone indicated that I did not have a SIM card installed (of course I did) and siad I could only make emergency calls.  Took it to AT&T and they said they had never seen such an error.  They took out the battery and SIM, re-installed and everything was fine for about a week and now it is rebooting again.  Hope Motorola realizes that this is a problem or it will be a marketing nightmare for them.

  51. Michelle says:

    Mine has started random reboots two weeks ago. I purchased it in Dec 2011. It is now doing it every ten minutes. Factory reset and cache wipe did not help. New battery did not help. Ran
    it without the sim card. Bypass of Motoblur did not help. Another factory reset and new Motoblur account did not help.

    I got a replacement yesterday and the replacement started rebooting before I could even get login to Motoblur.

    ATT has been very good about trying to help me with this. Motorola… NOT! They had the gall to tell me it was an unknown problem. Seriously? Google it and find the zillion other complaints about this.

  52. Michael says:

    I have been experiencing the same reboot issues for the past month. I found it interesting that while traveling out of town this past week I had NO reboots at all and the phone worked perfectly. upon returning home the phone rebooted twice on the 15 minute drive home from the airport and has continued to reboot even more frequently. after reading all the posts about this I will be visiting AT&T tomorrow.

  53. KP says:

    My 10 month old phone started having this problem in May.  AT&T refused to replace the phone initially, claiming that a faulty battery could be the problem.  It wasn’t.  The new phone exhibited the same problem right away, though I haven’t had the time to make a FOURTH trip to a store to get it replaced.  I have zero extra apps downloaded on the new phone and it still restarts without warning.  I have also reset this new phone to factory settings and that hasn’t fixed the problem.  Is the Atrix 4G FUBAR?  Because I really like the unique fingerprint scan feature. 

  54. Jt says:

    ive had 3 motorola atrix phone and everyone has had dead spots in the screen and they freeze up and they dont get service hardly any where

  55. P Edwards310 says:

    my phone has been experiencing random reboot syndrome!! also the wi_fi wont work anymore and bluetooth works sporadically!
    i got in touch with motorola who advised me to send it to the repair centre where they would repair it free of charge, however the repair centre returned it saying it is a problem with the motherboard and therefore nnot covered under warranty!!! arhggghh!!!
    as i am learning this is a common fault, therefore i am now like a dog with a bone and wont be letting go!!

    ofcom here i come!

  56. Ahdonnelly says:

    I have the fix to the reboot problem!!! After sending my phone to Texas for repair four times, it still rebooted. I finally met an AT&T techie who knew the problem. If you transfered an older 3G SIMM card to your phone, replace it with a new 4G card. Also, do not put a pin on the SIMM card. This is the main reason for the rebooting. You can still put a pin on the phone itself but do not put one on the new SIMM card. It has been now three days with no rebooting!

  57. coylee says:

    take a piece of tape fold it now take battery out underneath the power button there is a slit put tape in the slip under power button i havnt had problem since

  58. swatson2828 says:

    Well I have had this problem for awhile over 45 days should have turned it in allready. doing this today my phone freezes for 10 hours at a time this time 16 hours now going back today. Have spent lots of time on the phone with ATT.

  59. chris and pam says:

    we have the atrix and it seems to have a power issue. it turns itself off while in use and the battery gets hot. we have had this phone for less then a week.

  60. Mary says:

    My Motorola MB860 Atrix 4.5G does a continuous reboot and the battery gets hot. I have to take out the battery to get it to stop. That may solve the problem for a day, a week, or even a month, then it starts up again.

  61. milovan says:

    I am from Europe I have motorola atrix MB860 I have problem with rebooting every minut and problem with call..I have turn on air plain mode and my phon doesn’t reboot again but now I. Can’t call anybody …I hade that problem before and I fix it when I was traveled from my country to another and when I pass the border there is no rebooting any more

  62. GT says:

    I was able to stop this from happening with my Motorola MB860 by going to Settings, to Battery & data manager, Data delivery, turned off Background data, Data Roaming, and Data enabled.

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