NHS No Smoking Day iOS App: I Want To Quit!

Today is Wednesday 9, 2011 and is no smoking day and if you would like help to quit smoking then maybe the official NHS Quit Smoking iOS App is for you.

This app may possibly help you successfully quit smoking, we all hear a lot the words from smokers “I want to quit” and this app will provide you with everything you need to give you that push.

The NHS Quit Smoking app main features include daily messages to support and motivate and instant tips from other smokers who’ve successfully stopped, the bit we like has to be the real-time counter to show the time since you stopped and how much money you have saved since quitting.

Other Features Include: Facts to show the benefits of staying smokefree, Links to real-life stories, features and videos, plus a Direct line to the NHS Smoking Helpline.

The app is simple to use, you can enter the number of cigarettes you smoke based on the average day then you can adjust the quit date to match the select day and time you stopped. You will receive motivational messages every to keep you on track and there is also a helpline where you can speak to an NHS adviser by tapping the Smoking Helpline button.

For more information on the NHS Quit Smoking iOS app please visit iTunes, please let us know if you have already tried this app and if you have stopped smoking. Please do visit No Smoking Day website for informative information to help you also.

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