Verizon HTC Thunderbolt or iPad 2: Decision Time

We will keep this simple and painless as not to add pain to the HTC Thunderbolt release, when it comes to this smartphone releasing customer concerns are getting very hot under the collar and we would like to ask you one simple question.

It seems the HTC Thunderbolt delay is getting highly annoying for many customers and no one knows the real official release date as of yet and soon as we know we will of course let you know. Is it really a delay until a release date was mentioned in the beginning officially? Just a thought.

Below we have put a poll question together because it is very important what sort of Verizon customer you are, are you in more need for the HTC Thunderbolt or the Apple iPad 2? The reason we ask this because surely it is more important for Verizon to give its customer what they want and if they prefer the Thunderbolt rather than the iPad 2 then should they not give them what they need.

There have been many reasons or should we say speculations why the smartphone has not released yet and such days as Feb 24th, 28th, March 10, 16th, and 17th have been mentioned with the latest release date being March 24th. Verizon Wireless apparently said in a Tweet according to our earlier article that …“Zillions of rumors every day. When we DO launch our 4G phones, they’ll work great on our LTE network.” let’s hope so hey Verizon.

Other reports rumoured on the delay is apparently down to 3G and 4G Data Switch problems with the switch between 3G and 4G LTE.

Now call this a silly question or not what would you the Verizon customer prefers, the HTC Thunderbolt release first or the Apple iPad 2? Please click the relevant fields in our poll section below.

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17 thoughts on “Verizon HTC Thunderbolt or iPad 2: Decision Time”

  1. This is a good poll to have, but we also need to consider that majority of the people being directed to this page are looking for information on the Thunderbolt release date. Personally, I feel Verizon and Apple struck a deal where Apple has exclusive release time for their products. I hope the plan backfires and Verizon and Apple both pay for the shady business they put on HTC, ie less than projected success of Apple purchases. Here's to a successful launch of the Thunderbolt!

  2. Sue says:

    I like the HTC EVO form factor and this improves on it. I have a family plan but I am on Sprint now for the EVo hoping Thunderbolt releases before my 30 day time is up to return the evo.

    Also Have a Nexus S on MTM, which I will sell once I decide on my daily driver phone. If Att Inspire did not have bad battery and vaporware on 4g I would go that route. I hate Verizon for the games. They play the most and treat customers the worst out of all carriers in US

  3. Justin says:

    honestly more people are in need of the thunderbolt than the ipad. I mean how many people really have $800 to just flop down for the dumb thing that doesn't even make calls. Especially if verizone puts a 250 – $300 price tag on the phone with a 2 year contract.

  4. Fred says:

    There's nothing shady or underhanded going on here.. Verizon NEVER announced any release date for the Thunderbolt to begin with so there really hasn't been any delays. The only delays are the fictitious ones based on the incorrect speculated release dates that the press and the internet has generated. The only official guidance as to when it would be released came with the official announcement of the Thunderbolt at CES and there they said by second quarter of this year – so far they haven't missed that date. It's easy to get frustrated because people want this phone and with each new rumor comes new hope. And as each rumor proves false hope is transformed into anger – but it's not Verizon's (or Apple's) fault nor is it some big conspiracy, it's our own fault for placing our hopes on unsubstantiated rumors and here-say from BestBuy and Verizon store reps (none of which can speak in an official capacity for Verizon's release date of the Thunderbolt).

    1. brandon says:

      Maybe you don't understand the problem is that they should have a release date out if they decide to start allowing bestbuy to have pre orders. They are using this lack of confirmed date so people won't save money for this and hopefully buy the iphone and ipad 2. If there's no agreement(conspiracy with apple) then release a date 🙂 16th preorders go away at the earliest so that's the date. If not there will be lots of complaints and they will lose customers.

    2. unknown says:

      Yes your correct they never released a date….Why give a pre-order that expires before the phone is released? explain that one. I never went by the rumors, but if your going to allow a pre-order, then it should not be expired before the phone is released. That one is Verizon's fault and they should address it. You can't explain that one without admitting that the phone has been delayed.

  5. James says:

    I must say, Verizon has never officially announced a release date as of yet. The one thing they did say is, it would be out within the first quarter. Well, the first quarter is not over yet..but I am tired of all of the speculations people are making. PLEASE GIVE IT A REST!! I'm sure you have more important things to do then to wait on a phone to be released.

  6. Larryb says:

    I have been with Verizon for many years, service and support unmatched..I will wait for the Thunderbolt to be released since I am eligible for an upgrade now. I just want to be sure the Thunderbolt is something I need more than the Droid X…Plain and simple…

  7. Teej says:

    @Fred I beg to differ, verizon claims to have never announced an official release date but their reps are responsible for the leaked dates and “delays”. One even openly admitted that verizon is responsible for all of this hype and that they are soaking it all in, or should I say becoming americas most cocky network. They’re just seeing how much power they have over consumers and apparently they have tons of it.I want this phone as bad as anyone else but if at&t releases the samsung infuse b4 it, verizon can kiss my rear end with lots of tounge action.

  8. Robertjm says:

    At this point I am leaning towards the Samsung Stealth, especially if it comes with a dual core processor as is/was rumored at one point.

    1. Guest says:

      I was thinking about that, but I've heard to many horror stories about Samsung phones (I do love their TV's), while I've heard nothing but great things about HTC, other than battery issues. Then again, all I've really heard about Samsung is the lack of updates, but if I flash a custom ROM the updates won't effect me.

  9. Ready to wait says:

    Just think of this – Verizon announced 4G availability more than 3 months ago and still has monetized very little. Yeah, they probably sold a few dongles, but what's the percentage of dongles vs phones that are sold? Probably pretty small.
    If I'm heading up Verizon, I'm either ripping someone a new one for a grossly mismanaged launch, or as some of the conspiracy speculators in here say, laughing all the way to the bank because of how i have manipulated the market. If the latter, I may want to start writing my apology letter to HTC, if there are no real technical problems and this is all just a strategy to optimize apple sales.
    As for me, the longer the a Thunderbolt takes to come to market, the more likely that I'll wait for a dual processor unit like the Bionic. We'll have a lot more selection in June!

  10. Jake Brandon says:

    They might not have OFFICALLY released a date, but what they are doing is playing the system and spreading rumors, allowing preorders, mock phones to show up in stores and accessories showing up. Normally you wouldn't allow this to happen unless the phone was around the corner-so yes they are delaying.

  11. eestubbs104 says:

    I want the Thunderbolt and I have wanted since day one, but now, with my Verizon account on a month to month bases (since 12/26/10), I decide not to renew because I have been waiting for the Thunderbolt, my deadline is March 26th 2011. That is when my billing cycle is over and I will switch, to all people, Sprint and try my luck with the EVO 4G.

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