iPhone Snatched By Top Gear Presenter Clarkson

I can understand celebrities getting the huff when they are out for a meal and fans go up to them asking for an autograph, but when a fan snaps a few pictures on their iPhone it doesn’t necessarily invade on the celebrities privacy; however apparently Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson thinks otherwise.

According to an article over on Gizmodo and by way of Drive, Clarkson was out with co-host James May at Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons at a casino in Melbourne when fan Michael Garner decided to grab a few pics of the celebrity with his iPhone.

Apparently Clarkson took umbrage to this and snatched the iPhone from Garner threw it across the casino and ended up giving Garner some verbal ending with the two being separated by Top gear Australia host Shane Jacobson who was dining with the other two.

Here’s what Garner said to 3AW, a Melbourne radio show… “He then got up out of his seat while I wasn’t looking, because my back was to him, grabbed the phone out of my hand, threw it over to his table where one of the women grabbed it. He went back to his seat; I got up to get my phone back — went over and asked [the accompanying woman] for it back. She handed it to me, and in the meantime Clarkson has stormed over and ‘shirt-fronted’ me — he’s virtually put his chest up to mine.”

Apparently Garner wasn’t the only person at the restaurant taking pictures of the celebrities, but Clarkson singled Garner out for some unknown reason, and Clarkson didn’t even offer an apology for his actions.

So there you have it, no taking piccies of the Top Gear mouth with your iPhone, perhaps Clarkson has something against the Apple iOS smartphone that cause him to throw his toys out of the pram.

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