Ascendancy iOS App Updated and Price Reduced

The sci-fi strategy iOS game Ascendancy from the Logic Factory, have now updated their flagship iOS game with new content along with the game being improved based on testing and feedback from Ascendancy users.

Ascendancy for iOS devices now offers improvements such as Long Range Ship Movement that enables the gamer to deliver orders to multiple craft over multiple star systems, and a new clean interface with more flexibility and freedom.

The co-founder of Logic Factory, Todd Templeman says, “It’s all about the specs. If the platform can accommodate depth and quality, we can produce it, and customers are eager to get their hands on it.”

Other enhancements to the Ascendancy iOS app include more 3D displays on the iPhone, multitasking support, over 30 other interface touches, performance enhancements for the iPhone iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and frame rate increase.

We have a quick video demo of Ascendancy for iOS devices for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of YouTube user Espno that lasts almost 10 minutes so feel free to check it out.

Along with updating the iOS game with new content, the game has now been given a temporary price reduction and now costs $4.99/£2.99/3.99 Euros and can be c downloaded to your chosen device from iTunes.


2 thoughts on “Ascendancy iOS App Updated and Price Reduced”

  1. They abandoned this game for years, left people to download and share it free for PC, now they release it on iOS only and shut down the formerly abandoned IP.  Do not buy this program or support this company in any way.  They are recycling an old IP using community work and ideas to try to sell it to you as a new product with no investment of their own.  Their site does not even have any current company information, suggesting that the person selling it on iTunes likely hijacked the abandoned IP and is now committing copyright fraud to make a few bucks. 

    1. Alex says:

      “Waahh! Why can’t everything be free?”. Abandoned does not mean not copyrighted. They still own it.

      They probably never covered the original investment. Even if they did, is the product worth it? All apps should only be judged on this, not on some bizarre zelot crusade to strip all money of out software development.

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