Android HTC Pyramid Possibly Poses for Blurred Back Pic

A rather burred image of what is purportedly the new HTC Pyramid smartphone with its silver diagonal HTC line across its back has recently hit the net waves sitting right next to the HTC Desire HD, but is it the HTC Pyramid?

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Engadget, Greek website Tech Blog are claiming that the silver striped handset is none other than the HTC Pyramid, which apparently is also known as the HTC Desire HD S.

The image shows that the HTC Pyramid has a an off-centre dual LED flash along with the camera lens whilst there looks to be what could be a 3.5mm jack socket at the top and at the bottom there’s a small imprint which says with HTC Sense.

Other than that there’s not a great deal else to be gleaned from the burred image, but is this really the HTC Pyramid as previous purported shots of the HTC Pyramid show a different camera configuration along with that silver stripe saying Google although apparently the previous image was a mock-up, which you can view (here)

So could this be the Android HTC Pyramiod or some other as yet unknown smartphone, what are our reader’s opinions?

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