Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Can Work On Original iOS Tablet: Video

So if you own an original Apple iPad and are somewhat envious of the new Apple iPad 2 magnetic Smart Cover, don’t fret too much because apparently there is an easy way to hack the Apple Smart Cover to work with the original iOS tablet, well kind of.

And the modification of the Smart Cover to fit the iPad 1 has now been placed on video, which we have for your consideration below courtesy of the guys over at TiPb and by way of TUAW, and Macstories.

Apparently blogger Dan Provost of The Russians Used a Pencil, found out that if you glue a couple of small magnets to the spine of your beloved Apple iPad and works rather well including the two Smart Cover stand functions, but alas not the on/off function obviously.

Still, one does have to say it’s a neat trick to kind of customise the new Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover so you can take kind of advantage of it for the original iPad. Make the jump and hit the play button to check out how well the modification works…enjoy, and of course if anyone cares to try this out feel free to let us know how it goes.

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