iPhone 5 NFC Chip Hype and Q3 Production

New rumours are surfacing surrounding the fifth-generation iPhone 5, it is claimed a trial production of the phone is currently being conducted and this will lead to full production in the third quarter of this year.

Now, as we previously reported the iPhone 5 was expected to be released sometime in June, see our article here. However, these latest revelations appear to indicate the iPhone 5 may not be available in the quantities that we were hoping for and that therefore, some stores may have to wait for their stock, which could cause an inconvenience to their customers.

It has also been revealed by 9to5mac.com that there is speculation in the China Times that in response to blown up displays on Android superphones, the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch touchscreen display. This story apparently goes on to indicate that the phone will have a NFC Chip for contactless payments and also to improve the phones reception the chassis of the iPhone 5 will be made of a scratch-resistant metal.

We previously posted an article in January regarding NFC Chip Technology being introduced into iPhone 5 and iPad 2 during their production, see above link for more information.

More information on the introduction of the NFC Chip is in an article by mobiletoday.co.uk, in which the O2 CEO Ronan Dunne told them that “it may be a slow burn start, but the big retailers are gearing up for it…” see the full article here.

So what is your take on new NFC Technology? would you like to be able to use your mobile phone, as you would a debit card to make payment?

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