Logitech Squeezebox controller app for Android devices launched

Now there is some great news for those of you out there with Android enabled smartphones and tablets, Logitech have released an official controller app for the Squeezebox.

This new controller app will give you full control of your Squeezebox player from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in your house via WiFi.

The guys at Engadget are not certain that this is the ‘ground breaking new product’ that Android engineers were hired by Logitech to produce. But, this will be wonderful news for those fans of the Squeezebox who currently possess an Android phone or tablet.

On Logitech’s official site they state that the app is intuitively consistent, with every command you want from your player. Therefore, it you have a Squeezebox Boom, Duet or Touch and an Android enabled phone or tablet in your possession, why not visit Android Market now and get this app downloaded to your device and take advantage of its functions. The control of your Squeezebox player may have just got easier.

There are a number of Android enabled devices out there at the moment and a number, which are soon to be released, here are a few we have written about recently, which Squeezebox fans may wish to possess now or in the future and download the app too, the Samsung Epic 4G, the HTC Thunderbolt which was launched on 17 March 2011 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9, which are expected to be released in the US on 8 June, and hopefully soon after on UK soil.

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