iPhone UK Time Change Problems Reported

Well apparently the old, old tale of the iPhone experiencing problems handling time changes surfaced again as here in the UK on Saturday Night the old clocks jumped forward an hour for British Summer Time, but apparently some iPhone users handsets didn’t make the change.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, the BBC are reporting some iPhone users were late this morning as their iOS device seems to have experienced an issue related to that time change with apparently users receiving their wake up call an hour early, an hour late of no wake up call at all.

Similar issues affected the iPhone in the US of A when they had their time change, something that annoyed US iPhone users greatly and turned to Twitter and Facebook to vent their annoyance on the matter.

It’s unclear just how many UK iPhone users have experienced this fail of the iPhone alarm although apparently not every user was affected.

So we’d like to know if any of our iPhone toting UK readers received their iPhone alarm wake up call at the correct time today, or if your iPhone failed, so shout out whether yours worked fine or not to our comments area below.


One thought on “iPhone UK Time Change Problems Reported”

  1. Roger Law says:

    Am in UK, on iOS 4.3.1, synch with Outlook 2007, don't use alarms, BUT all repeating appointments have been changed incorrectly forward 1 hour (although they are correct in Outlook)! Correcting them in iPhone and resynching didn't alter the correct times in Outlook but a few duplicates appeared! Have Settings, Calendars, Time Zone Support set to London and Settings, General, Date 7 Time Set Automatically.

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