ADHD App Test for Adults and Children: The Symptoms

For many years I always believed that ADHD was in children and not adults but I was very much mistaken, it goes to prove that if you do not know the full outcome of ADHD we should read a little more. Well thanks to the ADHD iOS app I have tested myself and it seems I should get checked out.

What is ADHD? What are the ADHD symptoms? Do you or your children have ADHD? So many questions that need answering can be done so via the iOS app we have here. We must make you aware that this app is for fun but does give you an idea if you have ADHD and after the iOS apps results you MUST seek professional advice.

Test yourself with the ADHD app via iTunes that costs £2.99, ADHD aka Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder that should always be evaluated via face-to-face evaluation but the apps test gives you an idea.

You will be given a series of questions and all you need to do is answer by clicking on the listed names such as yes, no, maybe, sometimes, often, quite often etc. Basically you can screen yourself and after the test you can decide if you need to get professional advice.

Do you have ADHD? Test yourself with this app and let us know your results. Few screenshots below of app –

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