Apple iPad Accessories: Recycled Vintage Outfit

Okay so you have an Apple iPad and you are looking for a case to keep your beloved iOS tablet in, but maybe your don’t want a run-of-the-mill case and would rather have one that kind of stands out from the rest and doesn’t look like an Apple iPad case.

So with this in mind we have for your consideration a rather unusual Apple iPad accessory in the form of the Recycled Vintage iPad Outfit, a holder for your tablet that looks just like clothing and is custom fitted to suit the Apple iPad.

Thee Recycled Vintage iPad Outfit is computerwear with a breathable, soft organic lining that should protect your iOS device from the usual scratches and bumps although probably not from drops, and apparently it is completely washable.

I have to say though dressing your iPad up in a shirt and cardigan could be seen as taking the love of your device a tad too far; however if you are interested in purchasing a vintage outfit for your iPad you can do so by visiting Etsy where you can purchase the case for 65 bucks.

Now where’s my iPhone slippers?

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