Controversial WankoMeter Android App: Your Views

Okay, to be honest when I first saw this Android app I laughed and thought it has to be some kind of early April Fools Day prank, but it appears that this controversial app is actually available to download from the Android Market.

The aforementioned app is called WankoMeter, and obviously doesn’t need any explanation as to what it refers to, the self-pleasuring of men, and apparently is a mobile app to enable guys to track and enhance their performance.

However, apparently the WankoMeter app for Android devices has already seen around 30,000 downloads in the last couple of weeks and has garnered a star rating of 4.5 on the Android Market, so one could presume there are quite a few guys getting handy with themselves out there.

Now I’m all for dragging sex out of the darkened corners where it has lurked in the past, but delivering a mobile app that basically is supposed to help a guy achieve the perfect self pleasuring act is taking things a bit too far don’t you think?

Obviously the WankoMeter app would never make it into Apple’s iPhone App Store, but Android doesn’t appear to be so fussy when it comes to controversial apps being available which can be downloaded by anyone of any age.

So we’d like to know your views on the Wankometer app, is it good or bad the Android Market has allowed the app, should it come with a sexual warning and somehow be restricted by age requiring the use of a credit card to download perhaps as currently the app is free from the Android Market.

Whatever your views on WankoMeter, whether it should be removed or is giving a service to men, we would like you to submit your vote in our poll below…many thanks.

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