iPhone 4 Accessories: Mini Microscope Attachment

If you are into checking out minute things and don’t really want to lug around a full-fledge microscope but own an iPhone 4, there is a neat little accessory attachment than can turn your iPhone 4 into a mini microscope.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Red Ferret, if you are into snapping close up shots of stuff the Mini Microscope of iPhone will probably suit your needs as it comes with a 60x zoom along with LED lights to keep the subject matter illuminated.

The Mini Microscope for iPhone clips right onto your iOS smartphone just like any other case although you will need to remove your existing case if you use one, and only covers the top portion of the iPhone and enables the user to get up close with plant life, insects and other minute things.

The Mini Microscope for the iPhone 4 is available to purchase from Firebox and commands a not unreasonable price tag of £29.99 with free delivery, and ideal if you enjoy scrutinising the tiny things in life and completely portable.

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