iVIP Black, The Millionaire’s App: Limited Edition iPhones

If you are a millionaire then please read the following, we are going to give you a few details about iPhones getting the golden touch from iVIP and the iVIP Black Exclusive app that costs a staggering £599.99.

Millionaires will be happy to know that iVIP has launched a few limited edition Apple iPhones ranging from a mere £2000 right up to in excess of £1-million, ouch. The price is dependent on customization, they do come in either gold, and platinum and diamond are available exclusively to members of iVIP.

Now we move on to the EXCLUSIVE iPhone app for millionaires, this can be yours for only £599.99 via Apple iTunes, the application is called ‘iVIP Black’ and has been marked the ‘Millionaire’s App’ that offers iVIP members champagne on arrival, surprise gifts, exclusive rates, and priority booking and so much more.

iVIP covers all aspects of the luxury lifestyle including butlers, theatres, personal trainers, private jets, a concierge, casinos, personal styling, and more. Some names you might be familiar with such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition (Necker Island, The Lodge Verbier, and many more are iVIP members.

iVIP Black is the premium version of iVIP and when you download this app you will be required to certify that you are High Net Worth Individuals with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million. You will then be eligible for a personal consultation to explore how iVIP can manage their VIP lifestyle.

iVIP Black App Main Features Include: iVIP Black membership lasts for one year, Be treated like a VIP across their partner venues, Receive complimentary room upgrades at luxurious hotels, Benefit from unique iVIP privilege rates with many of their partner services, Receive complimentary amenities at various partner venues, Get priority access to unique events and experiences, Take advantage of priority booking at premium restaurants, Access a concierge directly through iVIP, Receive invitations to exclusive iVIP evenings, Purchase the unique, limited edition iVIP Black iPhone and Book private yachts, private jets, private islands, and more, directly through iVIP.

You must remember that these services come at additional cost; please let us know if you are an iVIP customer. For more information please visit ivipworld.com


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