Microsoft Launching Similar NFC Tech into Windows Phone Software

Can Microsoft go up against the likes of Google and Apple when it comes to mobile-payment technology? This is a good question considering Microsoft Corp is working on a new version of its Windows Phone software to include similar NFC tech.

Microsoft is getting in on the act where you can simply buy products with a quick flick of the handset and a checkout counter.

This is great news if Microsoft adds the mobile-payment technology in its smartphones operating system, hopefully when this does happen it will nudge them forward a little step or two to narrow the gap between Google and its software.

The first handsets with this new technology could possibly be released this year if all goes according to plan, the new Microsoft software according to boston.com will be based on so-called Near Field Communication. Google have already introduced NFC capabilities into its devices in 2010 and Apple is working on it right now.

Do you think Microsoft with the new mobile payment technology can close the market gap against Google and Apple?

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