Weight Loss Points & Calculator iOS Apps

Since time began many have watched their weight in some form or another and in today’s hectic lifestyle keeping an eye on your weight is a high priority for many, and some use a points based dietary plan, and if you own an iOS device there’s are a couple of apps that can help you keep an eye on those points.

The first iOS app is called iWWCalc Points Tracker and enables the user to keep tabs on their daily/weekly points when using a points based diet plan and features a simple intuitive user interface that displays you points usage throughout the day.

iWWCalc Points Tracker app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features single tap to add a point, while a double tap subtracts a point, points can be reset at the beginning of a new period, points shown on main screen, while points left are displayed on the app icon. The iWWCalc Points Tracker app is available from iTunes at a cost of $0.99.

Then there’s the iWatchr app for iOS devices, which is a complete tool for tracking, journeying, and calculating and delivers six different calculators and the ability to track two different ways along with optional weight inputs.

The iWatchr app features an American Fat, Fibre, Calories calculator, American Fat, Fibre, Protein and Carbs calculator, European Calories or Kilojoules with saturated fat calculator,, European Fat, Fibre, Protein and Carbs calculator, a customer calculator, Daily log, History log, Daily Categorised food log, favourites section, and more. The iWatcher app is available to download to your chosen iOS device from iTunes for $0.99.

One does have to stipulate that both of these iOS applications are not affiliated or endorsed by Weight Watchers or any other weight loss organization.

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