Orange UK Offers Free Contacts Backup Service

If you lose your smartphone and replace the device you have to remember and reload all your contacts, which can be somewhat laborious especially if you don’t have a record of those contact numbers, but if you use Orange UK they take that hassle out of the equation.

The reason? Orange UK offers a free Contacts Backup service to their customers whereby the service auto-backups your contacts and keeps them ready to be restored on a new mobile phone. So if you damage, upgrade or lose your device you wont lose your contact numbers.

To use the Orange UK Contacts Backup service the user doesn’t need to access a computer as it’s all taken care of via your smartphone and all in a few simple steps.

Once done your contacts are stored securely on the Orange website, and contacts are auto-updated every month to ensure they are up to date with the exception of when the user is overseas, which means if you restore or backup while abroad there will be the normal mobile data rate charge.

With the free service Orange UK customers can even access and edit their contacts via Orange World online. So, if you are an Orange customer why not take advantage of the free service and make sure your contacts are backed up.

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