Sony Ericsson, Vodafone Ideaworks 3D Developer Event Day Coming

The big deal in the mobile space at the moment other than NFC which is really old hat tech and has been around for yonks, is of course 3D tech and especially 3D gaming, and it looks like Sony Ericsson and Vodafone along with Ideaworks wants to encourage more developers to make the jump to 3D.

Thus according to an article over on Pocket Gamer the three companies are hosting a 3D developer day on the 12th of this month for anyone working on Android 3D apps and games with a view to selling the idea of 3D development along with delivering a little insight on how to do it.

The developer day even will take place on Saturday the 12th of April at the Vodafone offices in London and the word is that a prominent role will be taken by Ideawork’s C/C++ development tool, Airplay SDK and will be showcased by Mark Sheehan of Ideawork Labs.

Software innovator for Sony Ericsson Erik Hellman will also be in attendance and is set to provide details of user interfaces and 3D graphics on Google’s Android platform, and Vodafone will lend their experience on speaking on how best to market 3D Android apps.

The whole shebang kicks off at 10.30 AM on Saturday the 12th, and for the full low down those interested can hit up Eventbrite for all the info.


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