Windows Phone 7 ChevronWP7 Update, Be Warned

Apparently some Windows Phone 7 users are somewhat tired of waiting for the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update to hit their smartphone, and thus in a weekly update Microsoft has warned against users opting to use the ChevronWP7 updater.

According to an article over on Arstechnica, in the weekly update to the Windows Phone 7 roll out, Microsoft says that ChevronWP7 may jeopardise the ability to install future updates.

Here’s Microsoft’s warning…” But my strong advice is: wait. If you attempt one of these workarounds, we can’t say for sure what might happen to your phone because we haven’t fully tested these homebrew techniques. You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get misconfigured and not receive future updates.”

As for the roll out of the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update, some are still claiming to be testing the update and holding off rolling it out, AT&T in the States, Telefonica in Spain, Telstra and Optus in Australia and T-Mobile in Europe; however apparently AT&T has said they should have testing completed early this month.

Apparently the developer of the ChevronWP7 Updater has pulled the program from his website, but claims it is a hosting problem rather than Microsoft asking for it to be removed.

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