Apple iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve Bowling Ball Test Video

Now lets be honest here most gear in the mobile technology world is prone to being fragile, and the main reason why people use protective cases for their smartphones and tablets so they don’t get scratched or damaged.

However not all cases save your device from a drop or something heavy falling on it, but if you own an Apple iPad there is a case that seems to be quite tough, tough enough to withstand the weight of a bowling ball being dropped on it.

Thus we have for your viewing consideration today the G-Form Extreme Sleeve for the Apple iPad bowling ball drop test video courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of 9to5 Mac that shows what happens if you drop an 8 pound bowling ball onto your G-Form Extreme sleeve protected iOS tablet.

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve of iPad is apparently constructed in PORON XRD, which means if your iPad is protected by the sleeve it’s in safe hands, so check out the video footage below to see just how safe it is.

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve for the Apple iPad is scheduled for release on the 1st of May and commands a price tag of $59.95 and is available for pre-order as of right now, and basically puts the Apple Smart Cover to shame…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve Bowling Ball Test Video”

  1. ABTech says:

    This looks super sturdy, only problem is that it usually isn't in the case when i drop it… They should make a version of the case that will protect it like iBallz! Looks very good for transportation purposes…

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