iSouthPark App for Jailbroken iPhone: Watch All Episodes Free

If you are one of the iOS faithful you can easily download iOS apps from iTunes that enable the user to view content for free such as live TV like the WatchESPN app we mentioned earlier today, but if you own a jailbroken iPhone it’s not as easy.

However there are apps about for jailbroken iPhone handsets that do allow the user to view free content, and the guys over at the iPhone Download Blog have come across one called iSouthPark, which apparently claims to enable the user to watch all 209 South Park episodes for free.

Apparently the iSouthPart iOS app for jailbroken iPhones does indeed allow access to all episodes although you are required to register for an account with the content supplier but the account is also free.

However, the guys checked out the iSouthPark app and the app appears to connect to a large library of content covered by copyright, so there could well be a few problems down the line, and of course we certainly don’t condone piracy or infringement of copyright in any way.

So if you feel the need to watch every episode of South Park on your iPhone you can do so by hitting up Cydia and searching for the app name, and if you do feel free to let us know how it goes by posting to our comments area below.

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