The iPhone 5 Release Countdown: What We Want

Well folks, depending on what you believe, we should at some point this year see the arrival of the next generation iOS smartphone from the Apple camp, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5, whether the smartphone will appear in June/July or August/September still remains a matter of speculation.

As usual though, with upcoming Apple gear everyone tries to second guess what Apple will deliver in the way of new features as every iOS fan expects more and more with each release.

So what has been rumoured with the iPhone 5? Well there’s some debate whether the iOS handset will come packing NFC technology, others say the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen, some say a smaller bezel leading to an almost edge-to-edge display, and then there’s the absence of the home button and of course that Sony rear and front camera.

There has also been some speculation as to whether the next iteration of the iPhone will have LTE functionality, we’ve reported on all these iPhone 5 rumours as they have come up, and there’s also been speculation that the iPhone 5 wont come out to play packing iOS 5.

Having said that, all this is pure speculation and what analysts have said in the past, and we all know analysts can be far from the mark at times and often lend confusion to the matter.

However in the end the only people who really know for sure what the iPhone 5 will offer is of course Apple and they are not about to share anything until such times as they are prepared to unveil the iOS device.

So what we’d love to know is what the iOS faithful want with the iPhone 5, what new features would you prefer Apple put in the smartphone that would make you desire the handset even more?

Do you really want NFC tech, perhaps you’d prefer LTE, or maybe that edge-to-edge display is your most favoured improvement.

Whatever the case we’d like our readers to voice their preference of iPhone 5 features to our comments area below, and when the iPhone 5 does actually materialise we’ll see who has come the closest in getting their iPhone 5 wish list come true.


6 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 Release Countdown: What We Want”

  1. Umeweall says:

    First, and a major item for me, if it is not a 4G phone, I will be switching to the Samsung Galaxy II S. I would consider it not acceptable to purchase a 3G phone. Secondly, I want a larger display, edge to edge. It would really be nice if Apple made the battery removal, but that is an extreme long shot. I suspect that Apple does not make the battery removal as this is a slick way of creating more income for itself. This is not a 'user friendly' aspect of the iPhone and is another point for making competitors with removal batteries look good. Then there is the 'flash' issue with the iPhone, but that is an Apple declared DOA item for the iPhone.

  2. yip waikeong says:

    Apple is known to be the leader in technology, so if the next iphone is name after 5. It should be a total different with iphone 4, but if it name after iphone 4g then perhaps it have very little different in design but LTE 4g is the least I can think of. Also a hot spot will be great. And perhaps the rest should be surprises which Steve Job would like to deliver!

  3. i spend the entire year jumping from continent to continent, so the biggest thing for me would be the ability to have an iPhone which works in any country (i.e., with SIM card capability so that i can jump onto any cellular/data carrier).

    i don’t believe previous iphones have had this capability.

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