Nokia E6 Symbian Anna Smartphone Goes Official with Intro Video

Another delight for all you Nokia handset fans out there today as we have an introduction video for the new Symbian Anna sporting handset the new Nokia E6 business orientated smartphone for your viewing pleasure below.

The Nokia E6 introduction video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Engadget and by way of the official Nokia YouTube page and lasts just over a minute but does give you a nice look at the new Symbian device.

Spec wise the Nokia E6 offers a 2.49-inch capacitive touch screen along with a physical QWERTY portrait keyboard, GPS and A-GPS, 8 megapixel full focus camera, secondary VGA camera, 720p video, FM radio, 8GB internal memory, microSD expansion up to 32GB, Flash Lite 4, and Bluetooth 3.0.

So all that remains is for you to head on down, hit that play button and check out the new Nokia E6 introduction video. The Nokia E6 should ship in Q2 in white, silver, and black, no word on pricing as yet though…enjoy.


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  1. Gabriel Bowen says:

    Nokia phones are nice. They remind me of thinner versions of BlackBerry devices. I walked into walmart yesterday and saw that they are available for those cheap prepaid phone plans, which I thought was neat. I'm not a sponsor or anything like that, just a fan of cheaper service plans, since I have Verizon 0.o. I'm really interested to see how much this will cost. Hopefully only $100. Also, I heard that Nokia was bought out by Google. Is that true? http://GBsTechNews.com

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