Sony Ericsson K800i Accessories: Pama Portable Charger

If you own the Sony Ericsson K800i why not try out the Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger, this is a great accessory whilst on the move.

This portable charger is quite powerful at 4,000mAh capacity and works with other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC Desire plus many more, but we are here to today for those who own the Sony Ericsson K800i.

The main features on the Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger include: 4 LED power indicator, it is only 115 x 60 x 16mm and devices can be recharged via the included USB or mains charger.

The really good thing we like about this device is that it can charge the K800i and other products mentioned above and even better than that your Bluetooth headsets. Most modern smartphones come housed with 1,500mA batteries, which on the grand scale of things is not very good considering how powerful mobiles phone are getting.

This portable emergency power source comes with 9 different connections for universal compatibility for many products. The Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger is a great accessory for Sony Ericsson K800i amongst other devices.

The Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger is only £34.99 via Mobilefun.co.uk, if you already own this product please send us your personal reviews.

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