Angry Birds Sync To Solve Cross Platform Gaming

With most mobile apps, if you own a smartphone and then at some point decide to change platforms obviously you need to re-download all your favourite apps, which can be somewhat of a pain, but if your are a fan of Angry Birds this little problem may not be an issue in the not too distant future, well with the Angry Birds game anyway.

The reason? Well according to an article over on Ubergizmo and by way of Electric Pig, The Appera is reporting that Rovio is to release Angry Birds Sync sometime this summer.

So what is Angry Birds Sync? Well apparently Angry Birds Sync will enable gamers to sync their Angry Birds game across platforms and devices, apparently across Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.

So it would appear that if you say have an Android smartphone and change that smartphone for another Android device you will be able to sync your Angry Birds game to the new device and continue where you left off.

So what do you think about Angry Birds Sync will it make you happy you can continue to play the game from where you left off when changing your device?

One thing, the Electric Pig article mentions that iOS is “largely responsible for making Angry Birds the success it is today”, do you agree with that claim or not, as I’m fairly sure Android had something to do with it.

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