Apple Gear to be Produced in Brazil in November

Currently Apple gear is produced by Foxconn in China but the word is your next iOS device could well be produced in Brazil as apparently Foxconn is opening up a new manufacturing facility in Brazil to produce Apple gear such as the iPhone and Apple iPad.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, and by way of Global Economia, the minister for Science and Technology Mercadante in Brazil has reported that Terry Gou, the founder of Hon Hai Precision, has had a meeting in Beijing with Brazilian president Dilma Roussef.

Apparently a Reuters article notes that Foxconn is considering throwing a bundle of bucks into manufacturing facilities in Brazil to the tune of some $12 billion.

Word is the new Foxconn plant will be situated near San Paulo and would be advantageous to Apple as Brazil offers tax breaks on component imports that encourage final production of products in Brazil.

So there you have it, it would appear that your next iOS device may well be made in Brazil, but will having Apple gear produced in Brazil mean no more log delays with Apple pushing our new iPhone and Apple iPad units?


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