iPhone 4 iTable Furniture for the iOS Fanatic

Yes well I know the iOS faithful love all Apple gear, but would they like a piece of furniture that resembles a stack of iPhone 4 handsets as a coffee table to brighten up their home? Probably.

This is where the iTable comes into play, according to an article over on iPhone Download Blog, and by way of Cult of Mac, the iTable is based on a design by Kyle Buckner, and comes sporting a sound system, LED cup holders, touch sensitive controls and an iPhone dock.

Apparently the iTable is handcrafted, and when the user swipes their hand over the touch sensitive trigger speakers gracefully rise up and play you music via your docked iPhone.

And just so you can see the iTable in action and drool over the fact that you’d love to won one, we have a video of the iTable for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Kyle Buckner Designs YouTube page, so head on down and hit that play button…enjoy.

Oh and how much will the iTable set the iOS faithful back? Well there’s no price available as yet, but you can bet your iPhone it won’t come cheap.


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