iOS Devices to Get Flash Player, Really

The frustration for iOS device users not being able to display any Flash video’s on their devices, could soon be a thing of the past…

Ever since the first Apple iPhone shipped 4 years ago until now, Apple devices have not been able to get Flash Player and whilst, the iOS device users have got use to being unable to display Flash content, it is a shame that before now Adobe and Apple were not able to reach a compromise.

However, a solution to the Flash dilemma may have finally come via Adobe with their latest version of Flash. In Las Vegas, at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show, Adobe previewed their latest version of Flash, which incorporates HTTP live streaming. Therefore, without the need to install any additional software on their devices, iOS users will eventually be able display Flash video with this new version of Flash.

Apple has been steadfast over the years, in their refusal to approve Flash for the iOS and in an article by SpiritJB, they say that Apple continually sighted their concerns over the overall poor performance of Flash and the detrimental effect to battery life. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs at one point even went so far as to post an open letter entitled, ‘Thoughts on Flash’ on the company’s website to defend their position in regards to Flash on iOS.

The SpiritJB article goes on to say that for the average user, the details of this plan to get Flash video to more devices is a bit technical, however, in near future, the Flash required warnings that iOS device user have become accustomed too will be a thing of the past. If you do not have Flash installed on your device, no problem as the server will send the video to you in a format that is compatible with the device. To see the full article by SpiritJB, click link to visit their site.

However, it is still unclear just when Adobe will implement their latest version of Flash across the board, but good news to the iOS users is that a solution to the Flash problem could finally be on its way. See video below of Apple iPad 2 streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server. So what are your thoughts, do you think the Flash problem on iOS devices has taken too long to resolve? What do you think of this latest news? Please let us know… below.


10 thoughts on “iOS Devices to Get Flash Player, Really”

  1. Well, what about the fact that Apple has been so desperate to maintain its artificial dominance (entirely due to the fact they got on the market first) by having anti competitive, illegal and arrogant behaviors?

    What about the fact that the mobile market is not driven by devices or platform but by us, application developers?

    What about the fact that while Apple was desperately trying whatever it can to screw everyone (developers, businesses, publishers, advertisers and even its own customers) and destroy the web, Adobe has been laughing all the way to the bank by imposing its Flash Platform as the #1 application development platform that allows us, developers to build once and deploy everywhere?

    What about the fact that Steve Jobs attempt to kill Flash not because it is outdated but because it is too good and a threat to Apple's "divide and rule" strategy and a direct threat to iTunes and AppStore?

    What about the fact that the European Competition Commissioner gave Steve Jobs a reality check by constraining Apple to reverse its change of TOS aimed at blocking the port of Flash application to iOS?
    What about the fact that FTC constrained Apple to approve Google Voice?

    What about the fact that Steve Jobs was recently ordered to testify in an ongoing antitrust lawsuit over iTunes?

    What about the fact that yet another investigation is around the corner over the Apple Tax?

    What about the fact that Apple broke its teeth trying to twist our arms (developers) to build for Apple first and Apple only?

    What about the fact that we can now build apps in minutes that work on all platforms, screens and devices using Flash Platform?

    What about the fact that the ban of Flash in the browser is now back firing and making Apple's devices ridiculously "has been"?

    What about the fact that the entire industry rallied behind Adobe?

    That is what you get when you f*%ck with everyone and think you are so big that you can get away with it… Apple is big but not as big as the rest of the business and development world determined to bring it down as much for its arrogance and big mouth CEO than for its market advance or temporary dominance?

    Apple is dead, long live the open web and multi screen apps.

    This is a blog post I wrote on Apple's war on Flash last year: http://applesucks.squarespace.com/blog/screw-you-

    1. Marcelo says:

      What about the fact of you shuting the hell up?????? No one cares about what you're saying. It's all about user experience and that's all that matters. If flash sucks on mobile. Then, they do suck on mobile yet so. They will have to fix it. Or evolve the technology.

      Thanks to apple. There is a huge AppStore where u can as a developer sell every app that you can build to help evolve the platform too.

      So stop complaining and build apps for iOS and android if u care so much about the openness but w apple's AppStore you will make $ and with android you won't make a dime. Why? Because google doesn't want u to make money with apps. They want you to click on their damn ads.
      That's all their business man. 97% of googles revenue comes from the ad platform.

      That's a fact.


  2. Witi says:

    True that apple you really sux…dam why do yous bother coming out with stuff an yous don't bother checking your apps….or yous think oh will get silly peeps to waste money for your stupid product…….then again the year 2012 an wateva year yous mite be on to it but I doubt that

  3. Anonymous says:

    This has been so over the top for me! I’m a small business owner that not only has to manufacture and design all of my products but I do all the customer service and web development myself. OH and did I mention I leap tall buildings too? I’ve had many sleepless nights figuring out action script for an online proofer which will allow my customers to personalize their cards (like zazzle’s site). I’ve finally figured out how to integrate the proofer into my shopping cart! YAY!

    I was so happy when I saw the “FLASH . .. Aaahhaaa” commercial months ago, I started screaming out loud. I figured “YAY” Apple will have to figure out something to keep up with the competition! Been reading tonight and I’m so incredibly happy that there are products out there to help out and that Adobe is stepping up to the plate to make a difference. This is not just about banners and videos for me.

    Sorry to you guru developers for not hiring this project out. Its taken my life savings just to advertise and purchase manufacturing equipment. Luckily my IQ is high enough to figure out this stuff. Too bad I can’t clone myself 20 times over so I can get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. lol

    Just the perspective from the commerce side.

  4. Paola_alexandra7 says:

    Obviously all of you did not even LOOK at “Thoughts on Flash”, the letter by Steve Jobs explaining the reasoning behind Apple’s decision to approve Flash. You’ll feel real dumb after posting things like ” apple sucks”. Please, look at both sides and save yourselves the embarrasment before you ueash such unfounded biases.

  5. Smjunk1 says:

    Apple does suck and has forced me to be without flash for four years now it’s been frustrating because All of us must do without in order to save apples ego and vanity, yes we could have had flash from day one, apple has the worst email app on the market it’s like they Neve thought anything through when writing their apps, I now have the new iPad and had the original, I support Apple, However as a consumer I don’t appreciate not having flash when the only reason was Apples Vanity.

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