Easter Egg App with Augmented Talking

We have a little treat for iOS device users, with Easter fast approaching and shops filled with a large selection of chocolate eggs just waiting to be consumed (sorry to all those currently on diets), why not download the Talking Augmented Easter Egg app.

This app enables you to bring a real egg to life as an Augmented Easter egg, simply open you fridge and take out an egg, point your iPhone at it, and then watch it come “alive” on the phone’s display. Now that your egg is interactive, you can talk to it, play with it, spin it, decorate it or dress it and when you are done, you can take a photo and share the experience with your friends on Facebook.

Here are the app’s features, when the egg is interactive you can talk to it and it will repeat everything you say but in a funny voice, if you poke the egg it will break, by spinning the egg you can watch it whirl, when hit with a hammer the egg will break.

More of the cool features with this app, you can have a chicken sit on the egg and watch it hatch, decorate the egg and send a photo of it to your friends, play the Augmented Bunny-Busters mini game and unlock cool new accessories and share the whole experience on Facebook by send your friends Happy Easter greetings.

This app can be downloaded from Itunes for £0.59, so if you are interested why not download the app and let us know what you think. Also, whilst we are on the Easter theme why not check out these articles ‘Easter Games: Top iOS Apps’ and for the cooks amongst you ‘Easter Recipes’.

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