Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vodafone Australia Pre-order & Pricing

We have some great news for anyone Down Under awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; you will be please to know that the tablet is now available for pre-order at Vodafone Australia.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the first tablet to bring the full mobile entertainment experience on the Android 3.0 platform to the shores of Australia and is sure to excite when it arrives. Customers that had pre-registered were sent a newsletter via email and according to an article by GizmoCrave, the newsletter stated that it is a limited release.

For anyone interested in pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v, there are three payment options available. These are a one-year plan for AU$259, a two-year agreement for AU$39 a month over 12 months or for AU$729 through an off-contract option. Each option is likely to include a book cover and shipping of the device is expected to start by next month.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1v comes with the Google Android Honeycomb OS and some incredible specs: a 10.1″ WXGA Screen, 1 GHz Dual Core Processor, 8MP AF rear—facing camera, 2MP front—facing camera, HD Playback and Recording, Dual surround sound speakers, GPS functionality, Flash 10.2 support and PC like Browsing.

Now I have you even more excited about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, why not view the video below and after tell us if you will be purchasing one of these devices. In addition, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ you may be interested in my article regarding testing being carried out in Australia on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the tablet – see article here.


One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vodafone Australia Pre-order & Pricing”

  1. David says:

    I don't see the logic behind the limited edition 10.1v 8mp camera with only 16Gb memory and no SD card option.
    Then the later release has only a 3mp camera with either 16Gb 32Gb or 64b all with SD card slot.

    it's back the front.

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