T-Mobile G-Slate Android Tablet Review: All about 3D

There has not been too much in the way of advertising for the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet, but we can now reveal the PC tablet became available yesterday.

The Android 3.0 T-Mobile G-Slate tablet was first brought to our attention at the CES 2011, see our article dated January 6th, 2011. The T-Mobile G-Slate is the first of a new breed of what are to be known as “tweener” tablets, this reference refers to tablets sporting 8.9-inch displays, putting them between the more portable 7-inch models and the larger 9.7 and 10.1-inch tablets that are currently on offer by the majority of contenders.

At 1.37 pounds, the G-Slate is slightly heavier than Apple’s iPad 2, which comes in at 1.34 pounds (for the version with Wi-Fi + 3G). However, do not despair as Melissa J. Perenson of PCWorld states in her article “Still, I found the dimensions very agreeable as a middle ground. Holding the tablet to read felt fairly balanced, and its smaller size made it less obtrusive while I was out and about with it”. However, she does go on to mention that she had glare problems with the screen and image rendering issue, which causes images to look blurry.

Nevertheless, what sets this tablet aside from the rest other than the size of its screen, are the twin rear-facing cameras at the back. The cameras make it easily possible to do 3D video capture and, whilst to some this may sound gimmicky, it could actually be a lot of fun. The tablet is small enough to hold up as a video camera, and as Melissa goes on to explain, “the video captured looked pleasing on the display, when viewed with the included anaglyph 3D glasses”. However, she does advise not to try using the 3D glasses if you already wear glasses, as they will not fit so well – see Melissa’s full article here.

For more info on this little known tablet, why not check out our article ‘G-Slate Previewed on Video’ and after why not leave your thoughts on the device below.

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