LG Revolution Picture: May 25th Possible Release Date

For those who may be waiting for the release of the LG Revolution smartphone on Verizon, we have the latest rumour of a release date for the Android handset currently doing the rounds on the web, although a fairly thin assumption of a possible release date.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the guys at Pocket Now have managed to get hold of a press shot of the LG Revolution, a smartphone that will be Verizon’s 3rd 4G enabled handset after the HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Droid Charge.

As for the rumoured release date, well that’s based on the LG Revolution press shot showing a date of the 25th of May and it is presumed that this could be the release date or the official announcement date for the Android device, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

The LG Revolution features a WCGA resolution along with a single-core processor, but word has it the LG Revolution may be the first Android smartphone to come out to play with Netflix support.

Well there it is, I did say it was thin, but who knows maybe we will see the Revolution release on the 25th, anyone excited about picking up the LG Revolution once it hits?


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