Jailbreak for iPad 2 by Geohot: p0sixninja Challenge

p0sixninja has challenged famous hacker Geohot to jailbreak the Apple iPad 2 and he has accepted even though he does not have an iPad.

Gamepur and TiPB have reported that the jailbreak for iPad 2 is coming soon thanks to p0sixninja challenging Geohot by dumping the iPad 2 bootrom in front of me, hopefully we can see some light at the end of the tunnel fairly soon.

There have been many jailbreaks for the iPhone 4 such as Sn0wBreeze etc but nothing has been done for the iPad 2, but this is all about to happen very soon and owners of the Apple tablet will be very happy indeed.

There is not a lot to go on at the moment but please keep coming back because we will have plenty more news covering this as soon as we hear more. Please join us on Facebook or Twitter for instant updates.

Whilst on the subject please be aware that there is a fake jailbreak for the iPad 2 floating around called A5-2LiB02, for more information on this we suggest you visit iSmashPhone

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