Nokia Qt SDK 1.1: Create Apps for Symbian & Maemo

For any software developers out there, you may be pleased to know that the Qt Software Development Kit 1.1 has now reached full release status. The remaining bugs from the Beta version have now been eradicated and it is now ready for your use.

The Qt SDK enables the creation of apps for Symbian, Maemo and soon MeeGo devices and desktop computers. One of the key features of the Qt SDK is that repurposing apps for different devices is made a lot easier. The Qt SDK 1.1 is modelled on Qt 4.7, but with the addition of some Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for mobile development.

It is indicated in an article over on the official Nokia blog — Nokia Conversations that the Qt SDK brings with it Qt Quick, an app-creation component, which joins visual tools like the Qt Creator 2.1 together with the new QML language. QML is comparable to JavaScript and is faster and easier to code compared to C++ provision that exists. For users that are familiar with JavaScript they will find that it is easier to read and understand the code, and that it works intuitively. However, C++ is of course still for more ambitious projects.

For a typical app, QML is estimated to allow 70 per cent fewer lines of code than that of C++, thus halving the development times. However, the simplicity and readability is not only about saving time: it will also mean that developers and designers can work together throughout the whole process of creating user interfaces, which will result in even better and tighter designs.

The new APIs enable accessibility to the hardware features on mobile devices, which include map and navigation features including GPS positioning, the device calendar and imaging, to allow interaction with the camera and photo gallery. If you would like the new Qt SDK, it is available free from Forum Nokia.


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  1. therohan says:

    Hey guys,
    The final release of Qt SDK 1.1. This final release is now ready for developers to submit apps to Ovi Store.
    Download Qt SDK 1.1 from:
    With the new features in the Qt SDK 1.1, developers can now publish high quality, graphically rich applications that will stand out on our latest range of Symbian devices.
    In addition to Qt Quick, the Qt SDK 1.1 includes map and navigation features, imaging features for camera and photo gallery access, notification API plug-ins and other enhancements that enable developers to provide access to user content on the device.

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