Apple iPad 2 China Launch Attracts Customers Along with Scalpers

As with most launches of the Apple iPad 2, the iOS tablet draws crows of customers, and the same goes for the launch of the Apple iPad 2 in China on Friday with hundreds lining up to snap up one of the devices.

According to the guys over on Apple Insider the white iPad 2 seems to be the most popular in China and the Apple store in Beijing saw a line of hundreds waiting at 10am local time with reps allowing a handful of customers in at a time while “dozens” of scalpers were outside offering to sell the Apple iPad 2.

Apparently the launch of the next generation tablet attracted more custom than the release of the original Apple iPad last year although it is suggested that the weather could have been the reaso9n as last year the launch was rained out.

This time round Apple retail staff has organised rules for those opting to camp out overnight to grab the Apple iPad 2 and provided numbered wristbands and a waiting area and a sign, which read…

“If you leave the queue, an Apple staff member will take your wristband. If you return within one hour, it will be given back to you. If you return more than one hour later, you will be given a new wristband for a different place in line.”

Looks like Apple is doing well in China with the iPad 2, do you prefer the white iPad 2 to the black tablet?


One thought on “Apple iPad 2 China Launch Attracts Customers Along with Scalpers”

  1. What happened in china is not surprising at all. Asians have been waiting for this tablet for months. Selling out the iPad 2 in less than 4 hours is just a replay from what happened to other countries when this tablet was released, minus the commotion and injured people!

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