Sprint Google Voice Experiencing Problems: Have You

Not too long ago Google Voice was integrated into the Sprint network, and apparently everything isn’t going too well as there have apparently been numerous reports of problems, and apparently Sprint is shifting the buck towards the Google Voice Forum to anyone who complains.

According to an article over on Enagdget, numerous users are unable to even activate the service, but those users that have been able to activate are having significant issues like their Google Voice service is suddenly deactivated on Sprint’s end.

Apparently Google confirmed to Engadget that PowerSource phones along with Nextel handsets and any device on prepaid or corporate accounts can’t use Google Voice integration, and apparently this restriction takes in personal accounts that have educational and corporate discounts.

Apparently anyone contacting Sprint about the situation is being directed to contact Google and for the time being anyway there’s no word on when users can expect the problems to be resolved.

So we’d lie to know if any of our readers are experiencing Sprint Google Voice integration problems, and if so feel free to voice your complete annoyance to our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Sprint Google Voice Experiencing Problems: Have You”

  1. UpsetWoman says:

    every time i try to dial out it, rings and says im not authorized to make a call & if i want to add that feature contact customer service. the weird thing is it allows me to text …. this is a huge blow

  2. Steve says:

    Am not sure if this does or does not relate to Sprint but it definitely has GV somewhere in the mix. Here's the issue. CAlling anyone, but for a test a separate landline, it rings my work phone, I pick up, it rings once and then silence….this is 7 our of 11 tries. The other 4 tries is I can hear it ringing but it does not ring the other landline sitting right next to me. That's current status. As of a short while back (gave up using it) others that I would call would hear 2 rings, while I heard 7 or 8, and then pick up. On top of that….add grief to misery to chaos…now, half the time, it won't even ring my phone. HELP someone (but probably Google is the only one that can solve this).

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