iPhone 4 Accessories for South Korea: WiMAX 4G sleeve

How would you like 4G data capability operating on your iPhone, well if you live in Korea you can with the WiMAX 4G sleeve.

The new WiMAX 4G sleeve (KWF-B2500) for the iPhone 4 is part of Korean Telecom’s new WiMax Egg Series and comes with an a 1500mA expansion battery, so not only is the user able to surf in WiMax, but they can do so five hours.

The WiMAX 4G sleeve adds an extra 8mm thickness and 68g of added weight to the device, which could make it quite slightly uncomfortable to carry in your pocket — but I’m sure this would not matter to the masses of Apple iPhone 4 users, if it meant that they had 4G connection available on their smartphone.

Information coming to us from Akihabara News via Engadget, is that at present the WiMAX 4G sleeve is only available to those living in South Korea for 129,800 Won ($120). However, for those in the States wanting some of that 4G goodness, there is always the Sprint Overdrive 4G unit.

So would you like to see your iPhone 4 snuggled up in a WiMAX 4G? Please let us know.

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