Tweakker For Android: The 3 Step Internet Connection App

If you are having a few problems staying connected to the Internet on your Android smartphone and could do with a little help to make sure you can always connect regardless of what provider or operator you are with, you can download the Tweakker app for Android.

The Tweakker app for Android devices is a three-step Internet connection helper including setting up the Internet, testing the Internet and browsing the Internet, and is a Beta version of the app but is apparently a “risk free app” meaning if the app settings installed are faulty, the app will roll back to previously installed settings.

The Tweakker app is an easy to use app for setting up mobile Internet 3G/GPRS/WAP APN, with support for in excess of 600 operators over more than 150 countries with more being added over time, although there is no support for CDMA including Verizon, Sprint and all South Korean and Japanese smartphones.

The Tweakker app for Android is available to download to your Android handset as a free download from the Android Market.


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