HTC Flyer WiFi Only Now Available for Pre-order in UK

For the Android faithful here in the UK if you are contemplating pre-ordering the WiFi only version of the HTC Flyer tablet when available you may like to know that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet WiFi only model is now available to pre-order.

According to the guys over at Unwired View, the 16GB WiFi only HTC Flyer can now be placed on pre-order over at Expansys with an asking price of some 480 quid, although it is currently unclear just when those that pre-order the Android tablet will actually see it.

The HTC Flyer has previously been placed up for pre-order back in February, but that version was the 3G enabled device, so this is the first time UK WiFi only Android HTC Flyer hopefuls can pre-order the device.

Originally the European HTC Flyer was due release as of yesterday the 9th of May but obviously it didn’t happen so the release day can’t be that far off one would have thought, so any of our UK readers going to be hitting up Expansys to pre0order the WiFi only HTC Flayer?


3 thoughts on “HTC Flyer WiFi Only Now Available for Pre-order in UK”

  1. traceline says:

    They need to confirm a date for release as well as whether the stylus is bundled or not.

    Until they do that they'll see little take-up.

  2. Ben says:

    The flyer in both forms has been up for pre order weeks on Expansys.
    It's also worth noting that when you click through the pre order process the price changes, the 3g 32gb flyer is £499 and the wifi only 16gb is £399

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