Online Brain Games 3 In 1 iOS App

To keep your brain sharp and in tiptop condition, it is suggested that you regularly exercise it in order to reduce loss of memory. So why not give your brain a workout with the ‘Brain Games 3 IN 1’.

This iOS app comes with three games that have multiple levels and are timed, so you can keep track of your score. There is even a “Challenge Friends” option, for those competitive folk out there that want to compare scores and brain sizes via their Apple devices.

THE LAST ONE: if you like the classic peg solitaire, then this is a variation of that game. The objective of the game is to leave just one peg on the board (not as easy as it sounds), to clear a peg you must use a neighbouring peg to jump over it. You advance to the next stage, once you have cleared all but one peg. There are different shaped boards and peg numbers on each level, to add an element of difficulty and variety.

CRAZY STAR: this game is made up of pieces that are attached to each other with lines. The objective is to move these pieces, whilst not making any of the connecting lines cross each other. When you have cleared a line, with no other line crossing it, then it changes to blue. Only when all lines have turned blue do you advance to the next level.

HYPER LINES: In this game, you slide puzzle pieces either vertically or horizontally in order to match a pattern that is shown. The objective is to match the pattern with the fewest moves and in the quickest time. When the pattern has been matched, you move on to the next one. The puzzles get increasingly difficult as you advance with each level.

So to give your brain its daily workout routine, why not head on over to iTunes and get the Brain Games 3 IN 1 iOs app installed on your Apple device for FREE. Please let us know what you think of the app.


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