World’s First Android Album by The Rise (Coolout)

The world of the smartphone has becoming an integral part of our lives, with us using our device in many of our day-to-day activities. However, Christopher “Coolout” Davis has gone a step further and produced the world’s first Android music album entitled ‘The Rise’ just with the use of an Android handset.

What makes this music album special is that all the sounds created and vocals recorded were done through an smartphone using Android apps, thus making this the world’s first Android album. All the writing, producing and mixing of the album was by Christopher “Coolout” Davis. Please note that even the album artwork was made using: Retro Camera and Photo Illusion.

Tracks include Rock Say Yeah 03:39, The Rise 01:26, Bottled Water 03:20, Stretch out Part I 01:25, Hold You Back 01:39, The Secret 01:16, Stretch out Part II 01:13 and One for Maria 01:34. An immediate free download of the 8-track ‘The Rise’ digital album is available in 320k mp3 or other formats — see here.

The following Android OS apps were used to make the album: MusicGrid, Jasuto, Virtual Amp, Ethereal Dialpad, Electrum, MicDroid, VirtualSynthesizer, Musical Bubbles, PureData/RJDJ, Silicon Oxide, PP-Electone, Buddhist Instruments, Brainwave Tuner, Solo Lite, Chordbot and Tone dialer.

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