Apple iPad 2 Taiwan Release Date: Comparison Choice

Those that are waiting for the Apple iPad 2 Taiwan release date will be happy to know it could happen sometime around May 20 if sources are correct, many customers will hold off buying other tablet PCs until the iPad 2 is released so that they can have the comparison choice.

DigiTimes reports that the iPad 2 may launch this month in Taiwan and that because it was not known when the latest Apple tablet when it will release customers seem to be waiting until the iPad 2 makes it appearance in the country to make comparisons with other brands.

There are many tablets out there on the market with Acer currently still having a supply gap of 25% for its tablet PC and Asustek has an Eee Pad shortage, is the iPad 2 the most popular tablet and more favoured for purchase?

With all the Tablet PCs out on the market it seems customers are postponing their purchase until iPad 2 arrives in Taiwan, many companies are having problems satisfying demands due to supply and manufacturing problems.

Apple has released the iPad in many countries with many more added to the list, demand for this tablet is immense, but can the highly demanded tablet affect sales of others like Android tablets for example? Anyway, as soon as we hear more about the official Apple iPad 2 Taiwan release date we will let you know. Why not join us on Facebook or Twitter for instant updates.

Source — 9To5Mac

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