Little Big Planet 2 Game Guide App Update

Fans of Little Big Planet will love this cool LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide app for iOS devices, this app is only 59p so not what you call a bank breaker.

This app is basically a quick guide about the awesome game, once you have installed the application onto your Apple device you will be able to meet Sackboy, read about the story so far and of course the plot.

Main features Include: Videos of all the new upcoming features, Twitter, Trophies for the game, LBP2 device Wallpapers, Videos of gameplay, Little Big Planet 2 Forum and much more.

If you decide that you want this app you should know that you WILL require internet connection to use it, the last update this app got included a new forum tab called Social and a new LBP.me section in Social, find trending, most hearted, highest rated and more levels in LBP.

For more information about LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide please visit iTunes, if you have this installed already please do send in your personal reviews.

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