Nokia X6 to X7 Worth The Upgrade?

The Symbian^3 Nokia X6 has been holding up Nokia’s X Series of smartphones for some considerable time now, and the new Nokia X7 is on its way, but the big question is should you stay with the Nokia X6 or upgrade to the Nokia X7, is it worth the upgrade?

The guys over at NokNok believe the Nokia X7 is worth upgrading to as the new smartphone comes with the new Symbian Anna operating system and if you do upgrade then you are in for a real treat.

The Nokia X7 sports a new tapered edge design that makes the device stand out, and ups the screen to 4-inches rather than 3.2-inch found on the Nokia X6 delivering 25 percent more screen real estate while internally key components have been upped also with the Nokia X7 packing a 680 MHz chip.

The Nokia X7 also offers an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 720p video, again a step up from the Nokia X6 ad its 5 megapixel snapper. The Nokia X6 does offer up to 32GB internal storage depending on model of course, while the Nokia X7 has the microSD expansion route but does come with a 8GB card in the box.

So on the surface if you want better specs and design, upgrading from the Nokia X6 to the Nokia X7 is worth it, would you agree?

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