Samsung Droid Charge Media Hub Update, Disables Downloads Over 3G

The Samsung Droid Charge is barely out of the box and already it is getting a software update. However, for all those new owners please note that it is simply a tweak to the Media Hub application to disable downloads over 3G.

Therefore, what this means is that in order to download multimedia for those owners of the Samsung Droid Charge not within a 4G area, they will need find a WiFi hotspot to undertake their downloads. The reason the 3G downloads were stopped was to “ensure quality and speed,” claim Verizon — see PDF below.

As indicated in the article by Android Central, coming to us via Engadget, it can never be a good thing when a software update actually removes a function, as in this case. For those that wish to continue using the Media Hub over 3G, you may want to give this software update a miss.

Prior to the release of the Samsung Droid Charge on the May 14, there were indication that the handset was ‘Buggy and Slow’ and had a few issues — slow display wake, buggy and sluggish UI overlay, 3G connection issues… and more.

Please give us your comments on this software update – will you be downloading it? Also please give us your overall views on the handset — do you find it buggy and slow?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Droid Charge Media Hub Update, Disables Downloads Over 3G”

  1. Kevin Lane says:

    According to the download instructions on Verizon Wireless, if you don't download the update, the handset keeps prompting you to download it every thirty minutes.

    1. JuJub says:

      Why would you return it already? Try having your own experience to give an opinion on. How many Razr's did people go through with all its issues, yet swore it was the best phone. Can't go by posts. Some people are not as technically awesome as they think they are. Between the processor, the display (with the fastest response time of any display on the market right now) and VZ's network, it is the fastest device in their line up.
      BTW, David, it is not the same display as Galaxy S II.

  2. David says:

    I've tried three. All were sluggish. The sluggishness was especially apparent when flash was loaded on a web page (nearly every page these days) and when zooming/contracting.

    One was connected by wi-fi. The other two where in a borderline 4G LTE zone; they wouldn't find the 4G although the Thunderbolt next to them could.

    In the year Samsung released the blazingly fast Galaxy S II with the same screen, soft touch back, and 1/3rd less weight, the Droid Charge seems dated and awkward. More Chrysler 200 than Hyundai Sonata or Honda Civic.

    1. LelaOneEye says:

      It is not the same display as the Galaxy S II. Galxy S II is Super Amoled. Charge is Super Amoled Plus. Plus has 50% more subpixels and is better outdoors.

  3. LelaOneEye says:

    I don't see the problem. I love my Charge. I'm able to work on the fly, watch my movies, music at the gym. SWYPE!! Seamless hand of between 3G & 4G. The screen is just amazing. So, I have to jump on WiFi when in 3G areas to download a movie? Oh, hold everything so I can return it because of something thats not even an inconvenience. Btw, you do know it is the carriers that call the shots for phone content and abilities, not the manufacturers, right?

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