iPhone 5 Confirmed GSM / CDMA World Phone by Verizon CFO

We say confirmed but really it should be revealed that the new Apple iPhone 5 would be a world phone aka global phone according to Verizon CFO (Chief Financial Officer) named Fran Shammo.

According to PCmag there was an interview with Reuters and the Verizon CFO revealed that the next Apple smartphone iPhone 5 also known as the iPhone 4S would be a world phone aka global iPhone, another words it will be both CDMA and GSM.

This mean that AT&T and many other network companies will have this world phone model, this will give all customers the chance to make calls on both CDMA and GSM. PCmag does report that the AT&T version might have both even though it would only need GSM to be considered a global phone.

The Verizon iPhone 4 is only CDMA, which means it will only work on CDMA networks and not GSM networks such as Africa, parts of Asia and most of Europe. The AT&T iPhone 4 only works on GSM networks, so if the iPhone 5 is release on both GSM and CDMA this gives customers more of an option.

Apparently the iPhone 5 will be released on both AT&T and Verizon at the same time, specs on the next-generation iPhone are not known yet but it will be released in September 2011. Can Apple really develop a new iPhone to run on both networks giving customers a world phone?

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