Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories: Vehicle Dock & Sound Station

If you are looking for official and genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories you have come to the right place, we have two Samsung products for this smartphone including a ‘Vehicle Dock’ and a ‘Sound Station’.

The two products are genuine for the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone; let’s talk about the Vehicle Dock first shall we. This product allows you to use your smartphone’s Satellite Navigation feature; it also comes with a USB charger that will top up your handsets battery life whilst driving.

This genuine Samsung product is a great accessory to have, it comes with a suction cap that attaches to your cars windscreen and the holder is built specifically for the Galaxy S2, you can buy this now for £34.95 via Mobilefun.co.uk Pic below:

The second product is also a genuine Samsung accessory called the Sound Station; this is also available to buy via Mobilefun.co.uk for only £39.95. This is a desk stand for your Samsung Galaxy S2 with speakers.

All you need to do is dock your Galaxy S2 smartphone into this device and it will give you a cool and high-quality Seine acoustic amplifier and stereo speakers, this device is powered by the phone so no need for power cables. You can carry around with you thanks to its compact design. Pic below:

Please do let us know what your views are on the above to genuine Samsung products, your opinions are very important. Why we are on the subject of this smartphone please check out the new video review.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories: Vehicle Dock & Sound Station”

  1. Doug says:

    The dock and sound system seems like a good idea, but if it is powered only from the phone, it will be a bit of a waste, as it will run out of battery power very quickly. It should have the option to plug power into the unit too, so it powers the unit, and charges the phone at the same time.

  2. Gourou Lubrik says:

    +1 doug…
    I’m looking for a dock that uses MHL capapilities
    Il would be even greater if it could have a S/Pdif output…

  3. Colin says:

    I cant be the only person that wants a speaker dock that charges at the same time surely.
    Apple do one for the iphone,but there is not one for the galaxy that I can find.

  4. Felipe says:

    You know… Those speakers do not look even close to the dock stations available for the iphone. Annd it does not seem to me that samsung or anyone else will ever care in building something really decent for samsung devices. And that is because the way they are made already allowa you a lot oof flexibility. Then, all you gotta do is to find the proper able and switcher which will allow you to.plug ypur device wherever you want.

  5. Barryporter1 says:

    Why not solve ALL problems if you dont have a Samsung
    TV or Samsung Surround system and simply buy a Bluetooth receiver to use with
    ANY docking system OR stereo/surround system with a 3.5mm jack input or another
    input such as RCA and use a 99pence converter cable for the inputs on the
    “sound system” you wish to use and do so via  “Bluetooth”,
    then play your music from any Samsung Bluetooth enabled phone/Tablet (and other
    makes too)

    Then Listen in the same if not better quality as
    (chokes on word – coughs  – spits) “Apple i… device” users
    through the speaker system/s of your choice?


    I use this method in the home and the car and the
    Bluetooth receiver I use is actually designed for Sony phones, but any Bluetooth
    receiver with a 3.5mm jack connection for signal pass-on to any/all the systems
    with a 3.5mm jack line-in input (or RCA input with a converter cable). My
    choice of Bluetooth receiver was the cheapest qaulity item, (I found it on
    Ebay), that I found out there on the web.


    It’s a great solution to continue to use any specific
    designed sound devices. In my case it is sound systems designed for proprietary
    use with devices which I tried, against my better judgment but following advice
    from a Techie friend. I tried out (chokes again….) an Ipod Classic and a
    Touch Gen 4, an Ipad and even an Iphone and hated them with, for me, AN
    helping of  distaste too, over the proprietary nature of their products
    accessories, add ons, apps and so on etc; etc, and the pricing policies and
    marketing POLICIES. Not to mention their pathetically poor treatment of
    Customers with constant costly new hardware releases. So I got rid of all those
    Apple (chokes) products within 2 months,  but keeping the differently Branded sound
    docks etc; and switched all my usage of mobile devices to Samsung Smartphones
    (currently a NOTE N7000) and 2 Galaxy Tablets (7” & 10”) as well as Galaxy S2’s
    for my kids, 2 Laptops (15” and 17″) and a Galaxy Music Player for the
    youngest user in my family who doesn’t need a phone quite yet.


    I made this move for reasons that are simply put…
    because Samsung’s are far better, higher spec’d in my opinion, more reliable,
    have a better after sales support team for new users or help with new device
    features etc; and the devices are way more flexible and also link perfectly to
    my 3D audio-visual kit, (3D TV’s, Laptops and 3D Blurays basically), using
    Allshare/Bluetooth and WIFI direct, and I can manage my devices using Kies/Kies
    Air, (which I helped Samsung UK improve the softwares limitation factors on
    file size/quantities by identifying the precise causes of prior limitations in
    the Kies system just as the demand on Kies became increasingly larger when the Samsung
    Smartphones/Tablets really took off worldwide and gained huge market share.


    Samsung listen to you actively (obviously from the
    remark above) and they really do work fast and incisively to make improvements
    and problem solve using valid end user input and comments. Definitely not the
    case for the allegedly “ever so wonderful, yet customer deaf”
    Apple…….. (chokes again). They never replied to simple polite emails, let
    alone call me back as promised on the phone…. They were appalling in every way
    possible! There is no other way to describe my experience of them and their




    “ Bluetooth it “.


    That is THE best way to go and you can then get your Samsung
    mobile/portable devices of your choice and then get them linked to any audio
    system/sound system that you want to buy (or keep) without any enforced
    limitations on what you use it with….. 🙂



    Crociato Law

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