iPhone 5 Specs: 8MP Camera, Apple Orders

The iPhone 5 is always in the news and the latest is that the next generation Apple smartphone will get an 8MP camera, who is going to supply Apple with the camera lenses then?

Not so long ago we reported that Sony were to supply Apple with the camera lenses and now new reports have come in via DigiTimes suggesting that a Taiwanese manufacturer of camera lenses named Largan Precision that they will be supplying Apple.

Apparently Largan Precision is to expect a large order from Apple to supply the 8-megapixel camera modules, if the above is true then the current 5-megapixel lenses will be replaced by 8MP ones.

As usual this is not confirmed news and we always suggest waiting on official announcements by Apple themselves, great news if all true and yet again just have to sit it out and wait for Apple to open the announcements door.

Largan Precision already supply Apple camera lenses for the iPhone 4 so it looks quite promising that the above could indeed be true, please do let us know what you think of the above news. You know what push the boat out Apple and give the iPhone 5 3D cameras.

Source – iDB


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Specs: 8MP Camera, Apple Orders”

  1. tariq says:

    first of all hi and thanks for the great post, now about the upcomming iphone 5 or 4Gs as supposed, if apple doesn't supply the 8mp camera and the 4inch screen i personaly guess they would lose coustomers, and other companies would have them well personally i think nokia is really trying it best to beat the apple it had already made 8mp and 12mp camera's for their new iphone competetors phones (the n8 and e7) so if iphone doesn't give us better camera and bigger screen who knows what would happen many would be dissapointed and may go for other phone companies but hmm i guess they would not let all down im sure the would make an awsome device and we will wait and see, at the end i just want to say thanks for all of you guys and keep on good work.

  2. I am not surprised that Apple will go with the 4-inch screen [Hummer] route now that Stevie is out the door. Hopefully we will see other improvements in their technology so that people will start getting more value out of Apple products they might otherwise not get at all.

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